Handprint Flamingo Craft

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This Handprint Flamingo Craft is incredibly adorable and a fantastic activity for kids any time of the year!

We absolutely love tropical, exotic birds, and this flamingo is no exception! With its beautiful pink and orange colours and elegant body, any flamingo craft makes great decor, especially for a summer theme.

We’re creating many Summer Handprint Crafts, so stay tuned for more. Each one, including this Flamingo Craft, comes with a Free template and is very easy to make.

Read on to see how to create this craft with your kids!

Handprint Flamingo Craft free template

Things you will need to make this Handprint Flamingo Craft


Watch the Handprint Flamingo Video Tutorial

Directions to make this Handprint Flamingo Craft

Download the template at the end of the post and print it. Use the template to cut the body from pink paper and the legs from yellow paper.

For the beak, cut out the beak template. Each page contains four templates so that you can make four crafts!

Cut out the Flamingo pieces from the Free Flamingo Template

Now, let’s get started with the handprint. Take a pink cardstock sheet and trace your child’s hand on it, then carefully cut it out.

Apply glue and attach the handprint to the body of the flamingo.

Stick handprint to the flamingo Neck

Next, attach the legs under the handprint. One leg should be glued straight down, while the other should be angled slightly. Fold the angled leg inward to create the iconic flamingo leg bend.

Stick the Flamingo legs and fold one leg

Did you know that flamingoes bend at the ankle, not the knee? The knee is actually higher up, near the body.

Now for the final part! Stick the white beak onto the face and use a black marker to colour the tip. Flamingo beaks have black tips and some pink patches. Finally, draw a small eye.

Colouring the Flamingo Beak

Your flamingo is complete! This craft makes a wonderful keepsake of your child’s handprint.

Flip the template and make a mirrored flamingo for a charming decor piece. Placing two flamingoes together creates a heart shape! Add tropical leaves and blue water to bring summer vibes to your home.

Flamingo craft for Preschool

Make a Flamingo Card

You can use the same idea to make a cute flamingo card. Instead of one handprint, trace your child’s hand on folded paper so that the hand opens up to reveal another handprint with a message inside.

I’ll try to create a tutorial for making a handprint card later!

Now, Download the template at the end of the post and start crafting!

Handprint Flamingo Craft

Interesting Facts about Flamingoes!

Flamingoes are truly fascinating birds! Learning a few fun facts about them while making this craft makes for an interesting activity:

  1. Their beautiful pink colour comes from carotenoid pigments in their diet.
  2. Flamingoes can live 20-30 years in the wild and up to 50 years in captivity.
  3. They are highly social, living in large colonies that can number in the thousands
  4. Flamingoes build nests out of mud that look like small volcanoes.
  5. Despite their long legs and necks, flamingoes are strong fliers.
  6. Newborn chicks are greyish-white.
  7. A group of flamingoes is called a flamboyance,
  8. They can sleep standing on one leg.

Handprint Flamingo Craft for Kids

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Download the Handprint Flamingo Craft Template

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