Handprint Jellyfish Craft

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Dive into a sea of creativity with our Handprint Jellyfish Craft!

Perfect for kids of all ages, this engaging and colourful project transforms simple handprints into enchanting jellyfish. With just a few materials and our FREE printable Template, you and your little ones can Create this ocean Craft!

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Handprint Jellyfish Craft Did you know? Jellyfish have existed for over 500 million years, making them one of the oldest living creatures on Earth.

Things you will need to make this Handprint Jellyfish Craft

Directions to make this Handprint Jellyfish Craft

Using the Jellyfish Template, cut out the jellyfish pieces from purple or blue paper. Also, trace the child’s hand on the same coloured paper and cut it out.

Template pieces of Jellyfish

Glue the two headpieces together.

Sticking the head of Jellyfish

Next, attach the handprint behind the headpieces so that the fingers form the jellyfish’s oral arms.

Stick the eyes on the center of the head.

Sticking Eyes on the Handprint paper Jellyfish Craft

To complete the craft, make the tentacles using kitchen tissue paper. Cut thin strips approximately 10 cm long.

Cutting Paper Strips

Glue the paper strips to the back of the jellyfish, placing them between each finger or more.

Add a small smile with a Sharpie marker, and your jellyfish is ready! You can make them in any colour you like!

Handprint Jellyfish Craft

Love this craft? Get started with the free Jellyfish template provided at the end of the post, or save this image for later!

Purple Handprint Jellyfish Craft

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Download the Handprint Jellyfish Craft Template

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