Diwali Count and Clip Cards Printable

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Looking for a fun Math activity to engage your students or child during the festive Diwali week? Check out these Diwali count and clip cards printable!

Designed for preschoolers, these cards provide an ideal opportunity to enhance counting skills, identify numbers, and develop fine motor skills.

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Let the festive learning begin! Enjoy.

Free printable Diwali Count and clip cards Printable

What is a Count and clip card?

Count and Clip Cards can be a great Resource for Parents or Teachers who are looking for a fun way to help their children learn basic math skills.

The cards usually feature a variety of different animals or objects, and children can practice counting by clipping clothespins onto the correct number on each card.


Download the printable at the bottom of the page. Print the Pages on a thick sheet.  Later cut into Individual cards. You can laminate if required for durability.

How to use the count and clip cards?

Place the cards on a table. Let the child pick a card, name it, and then count the items and clip the matching number. This activity strengthens finger muscles.

This activity can also be turned into a game by seeing who can clip the most clothespins in a minute, or by awarding points for each correctly clipped card.

If the kid is not ready to use clips but loves counting games, you can use blocks or coins and simply place them over matching numbers.

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Diwali Count and clip cards Printable

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How to download Diwali Count and Clip cards Printable?

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