Zig Zag Paper Egg Craft

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This Zig Zag Paper Egg Craft is a Fantastic way to Decorate your home or classroom for Easter.

Customize it with any colour you prefer! Whether you opt for a multi-coloured design like ours or a single-coloured egg, these Paper Eggs are a perfect choice for crafting a charming Easter garland decoration.

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Zig Zag paper Easter Egg Craft


Things Needed to Make the Zig Zag Paper Egg Craft

Step-by-Step Instructions to Make the Zig Zag Paper Egg Craft

Let’s start the project by creating Paper strips for the Egg Craft. Use a paper trimmer to cut strips that are approximately 1cm wide. While scissors can be used, a paper trimmer makes this process more efficient.

Alternatively, you can purchase Pre-cut Paper strips for added convenience.

Download the Free Egg template provided at the end of the post and print it on 120 GSM paper. The page includes two egg templates; cut it in half and start with one template.

Free Easter egg template with Lines

The egg template features horizontal reference lines, serving as a guide for creating the zig-zag pattern. Apply glue to the top segment and adhere the paper strips in a zig-zag fashion, folding the strip between the lines.

Paper strip Easter egg Craft

Once you reach the end, trim any excess paper. Repeat the process for the next segment.

Paper Strip Easter egg Craft

With a bit of practice, kids can easily master this folding style, promoting fine motor skills development.

Colourful Easter egg Crafts

Continue sticking the paper strips in a zig-zag Fashion until the entire egg is covered.

Now, cut the egg out. The base outline is slightly visible through the white paper.


You can also flip the paper over and cut along the egg outline seen from the backside.

Zig Zag paper Easter Egg Craft

Your Zig-Zag Egg is Ready! Create as many as needed for decoration and enjoy the craft! If you find this idea egg-straordinary, Pin this blog for future reference.

Zig Zag paper Easter Egg Craft

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Zig Zag paper Easter Egg Craft

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Download the Egg Craft Template

Click on the link below to download the Craft Template in PDF Version. Note: These are only for Personal and Single classroom use!

 Zig Zag Paper Egg Craft Template

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