Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

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Spring is the perfect time to make vibrant rainbow crafts!

I enjoyed creating this paper plate craft and am so happy with how this Rainbow turned out! Just follow this video tutorial, and you will have one in no time!

2 rainbow craft made with paper plates

Things needed to make a Paper Plate Rainbow

  1. Paper plate
  2. Construction paper in the colours of the rainbow
  3. Paper Trimmer or Scissors
  4. Paper glue stick

That’s it. Let’s get started!

How to Make a Paper plate Rainbow

This simple craft approximately takes about 20 minutes to make from scratch. It is so easy! Please watch this video to see how I made the Paperplate rainbow.

It turned out into a vibrant rainbow with beautiful intricate patterns.  The best part is that it was so easy to make. I loved experimenting with paper strips in this fashion and am eager to try more!

closeup look of paper plate rainbow

Scroll on to read more tips and tricks along with step by step pictures.

Step by step Instructions:

The paper plate that I have used for the craft is 30 cm. You will need at least this big plate to accommodate seven colours. First, let’s cut the paper plate in Half. Then Draw six equidistant concentric circles (use a compass if needed)

Next, we will prepare 1 cm wide thin paper strips of all the colours of the rainbow. You can cut strips with scissors, but I would recommend getting a paper trimmer. This paper trimmer can save you a lot of time, and the strips will be ready in a jiff.

Arrange all the papers together and cut four long strips.

paperplate rainbow step by step instruction

Now, let begin by sticking them on the paper plate. Start with the red stripe. Apply some glue and start folding and sticking the red paper strip within the border. You have to fold in accordion style like in the image.

Continue to stick all the colours in the same way.  Try to make all the folds uniform for the best output. It will be complete in no time.

2 paper plate rainbow

Scroll on to a close-up shot of this beautiful paper plate rainbow.

paper plate rainbow craft

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Also, check this Rainbow made with printable cut-outs.

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