Valentine Name Craft

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I love it when a craft comes with a Learning opportunity like this Valentine Name Craft. It is a fantastic way for kids to practice spelling their Names.

Not to mention the Fine motor skill development as the craft involves a lot of colouring and cutting.  Although it can be easily made without a template, I have created an editable Template for you!

Read on for Printing and Crafting Directions.

This Caterpillar Name craft is the very first Name craft that we did and my daughter enjoyed making them!

This Craft Requires only a few supplies which you already have at home – Colouring Pencils or pen, Scissors and Glue.

Valentine Name Craft  – Printing Directions

I have given two versions – A pre-coloured Template and a Black/White Template. Print the one you need on cardstock paper.

So before printing the Pages, kindly Edit the Letters of your Child’s name.

Crafting Directions

Let the Child colour, cut and glue the pieces together to make a Cute Valentine caterpillar craft. There is a reference picture on the template in case if needed.

Here is the love Bug Name craft done by my 5-year-old kid.

Valentine Name craft - Love bug Nae craft

If you choose the pre-coloured template, The craft is even easier. Just cut and Assemble the pieces.

Love bug name craft

This is a wonderful Activity to work on many skills – Letter recognition, Fine motor, learning to spell names, Counting and Bilateral coordination.

Would your child love to do this craft? Then download the Editable template at the end of the post by signing up.

Want to do this Later? Pin this Love caterpillar Name Craft

Valentine Name craft for kids - Heart name craft

Completing a name craft project gives children a sense of accomplishment, boosting their self-esteem and confidence. It reinforces the idea that they are capable of creating something meaningful and beautiful.

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Heart crafts for kids

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Download the Editable Valentine Name Craft

So print it and enjoy!

I would love to hear your feedback on this craft so that I can make more such crafts for you.



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