DIY Piggy Bank with Tin Can

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Are you looking for a fun DIY project to make a Piggy Bank for your Child? Look no further! This Tin can Piggy Bank is the best way to make a Super-sturdy and very budget-friendly Bank. Best of all,  it is so Easy to make the Piggy bank.

Tin can piggy bank

Tin Can Piggy bank -DIY

Making a piggy bank out of a tin can is a great way to upcycle and create a personalized savings tool. 

If you’re like many parents, teaching your kids the value of saving money is important. But finding a durable and kid-friendly piggy bank can be a challenge. Most cute piggy banks are made of ceramic and can be easily broken.

But don’t worry – with our DIY piggy bank project using a tin can, you can create a durable and adorable bank that will last for years to come.

And the best part? You can use the same technique to make any animal bank you want! Follow along and let’s get started on this fun project.

Things you will need

With just a few simple materials and some creativity, you can create a unique piggy bank that your kids will love. 

  1. Old tin can
  2. Pink sponge (I used a dishwasher sponge)
  3. Google eyes
  4. Pink metallic paint
  5. Pink cardstock paper
  6. A piece of cardboard
  7. Hot glue gun

Watch a Video Tutorial


Directions to make a Tin can Piggybank?

Start by thoroughly cleaning and drying the tin can to ensure a smooth surface for painting.

Next, Cut out a circle of cardboard and make a slit at the centre for inserting coins. This piece is to fit and cover the opening.


Paint the can pink and allow it to dry completely. Ensure that the paint adheres well.

Add sponge blocks for legs. It is a great way to create a piggy shape and give your bank a bit of personality.

Finally, add the google eyes, ears, and nose made of paper and Tada! Mr Piggy Bank is ready to protect our savings. Keep up the creativity and enjoy using your new piggy bank! 

Tin can Piggy bank


DIY Projects like these allow for creativity and personalization. Plus, knowing that their hard-earned money is going towards something they helped create can be very motivating for kids. Here’s to many happy savings for your little one with her new piggy bank!

You might also like another recycling project that we had done using tin cans – a Tin can pen stand.


I made this Tin Can Penstand by inserting the 2 tin cans inside my daughter’s old denim pants and cutting the extras and having the other end glued to the bottom. This is a great idea to make a pen stand within 15 minutes.

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