Tin Can Piggy bank

(Mr. Piggy Bank)- A cute tin can DIY that is both unbreakable/sturdy and very budget-friendly.

Recycled tin can piggy bank diy

Saving money is a habit we all follow and teaching that to our kids has always been on our minds. I taught it to my little one too, even bought her the piggy banks she loves. But sadly, they kept breaking due to one or the other reason and when I tried to find a piggy bank that was not made of ceramic, I couldn’t find it!

So, I decided to make our own piggy bank. And I picked the tools and got to work to create a strong Mr. Piggy bank.

What you will need to make a piggy bank?

(Some of the items have affiliate links for your reference and convenience)

  1. Old tin can
  2. Pink sponge (I used a dishwasher sponge)
  3. Google eyes
  4. Pink metallic paint
  5. Pink cardstock paper
  6. A piece of cardboard
  7. Hot glue gun

How to Make a Tin can Piggybank?

  • Grab a piece of cardboard and cut it into a circle that fits and can close the tin can opening.
  • Make a slit on the cardboard big enough to pour coins into and attach it to the opened side

  • Paint the can pink and let it dry!
  • Cut 4 square blocks of sponges, glue it to the bottom.

  • Finally, add the google eyes, ears, and nose made of paper and Tada! Mr. Piggy Bank is ready to protect our savings.  Watch here a time-lapse video of the whole process. It is soooo easy!

My lo loved her new piggy bank. She told me it looks exactly like a Pig and even gave me a hug as a thank you gesture. And guess who named it Mr. Piggy Bank?

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Tin can pen stand: I made this by inserting the 2 tin cans inside my daughter’s old denim pant and cutting the extras and having the other end glued to the bottom. This is a great idea to make a pen stand within 15 minutes.

I hope these ideas inspired you to create some craft for kids with tin cans. Follow me on Instagram to see simple DIYs and digital printables for kids.

Cans are a valuable craft supply and there are a ton of amazing tin can ideas on the internet. Let me know what do you do with the can once you are done cooking?

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