How to teach Continents of the world

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Teaching toddlers about new topics have always been a fun and cherishing experience, especially when it is filled with giggles and laughter. As my toddler is to turn three soon, I decided to teach a few kindergarten topics to her. The first one I picked to teach was “The continents of the world”.  

I wanted to teach the names of various continents, their location, and certain fun facts by involving as many senses as possible.  It was easier and more memorable than I had imagined, thanks to this continent matching activity!

world map 7 continents name teaching

How to make a continents matching game?

Matching games are amazing learning tools and are easy to print and put together.

Download, print, and laminate the sheets. Then, cut the matching pieces out and add Self-adhesive velcros wherever needed. That’s all you need to set this up.

You can get the “continents of the world” printable in my My Etsy Shop. Or you can make it with any good quality map you find online.

continents activity printable

Do watch a quick video here to see how we made it and interacted with it.  

I sat down with her, teaching the various names through the ” Seven continent song” by Hopscotch, and making her match the continents along with their right locations. We giggled and laughed, singing this cute song together.

I showed her where we live and also the locations of our close relatives who live miles away from us on other continents. We also shared various facts & the special features of each continent. For instance, I told her how Antarctica is full of snow and polar bears live there.

Sharing here a fun fact which bigger kids who are able to read can enjoy.


I am sure you too will have a memorable experience teaching your kids and you could mix in your own interesting facts and methods. Let us know in the comments below and we’ll be happy to hear from you. 

Here are some of my handpicked great toys from amazon to teach continents.



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