Bat Shape Matching Printable

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Children will love this Bat shape-matching printable! It is a great way to help children learn shapes, and it is also lots of fun.

Best of all, it is perfect for Halloween Holidays!



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Bat Shape Matching Printable

The printable includes a page with Six different bats, each with a different shape. Children must match the correct bat face to the corresponding shape.


This is a great activity for children who are learning their shapes, and it can also be used as a game. Have children try to see how fast they can match all of the bats correctly. Enjoy!


This Printable is actually designed to make a Busy book Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers.


However, there are various other ways to use this printable. You can create a Cut and paste activities, treasure hunts or Sensory play. Whichever Suits you.


To learn How to make a Busy Book, Please visit our detailed tutorial on “How to make a busy book using printable?


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Download the Free Printable Busy Book page


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Halloween Busy book printable


This one is the perfect way to practice colours, shapes, numbers and Letters.

There is a Halloween dress-up game where kids can dress up as vampires, witches, Frankenstein and many more spooky characters.

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