Aurora Activities for Kids

All activities should be supervised by an adult. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links.

If you are doing Polar Theme Activities, you cannot skip learning the Incredible natural phenomenon that happens only in the Polar Regions.

The Auroras are natural light displays in the Sky that are witnessed primarily in the polar regions. Here are a few Aurora Activities for kids –  Printable Resources, Art projects, Picture books and Videos to learn about the Polar Lights or Aurora.

Aurora activities for kids

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. Learn about Aurora

Kids would be fascinated to learn about the Aurora or the Polar Lights. Teach them what causes Aurora, where can we see them, The colours of Aurora and Some Interesting facts.

Aurora facts for kids

What is an Aurora? Aurora or Polar light is the Natural display of Lights in the Sky at the Aurora Zone of the Polar Regions.

Did you know? Aurora seen from the North Pole is known as Northern Light, and when seen in the South pole, it is known as Southern Light.

What are the colours of Aurora? Auroras appear Predominately in Green but also appears in many other colours, including Purple, Blue, yellow and Pink.

This beautiful Interactive Page helps kids remember the colours of the Aurora by matching the loose parts in its place.

What causes Aurora?

Aurora is Caused when the solar winds interact with the Earth’s Magnetic field. This illustration in the Printable shows how the solar wind is reflected in other regions of the earth’s Atmosphere.

See all the contents of the printable pack here.

The fact cards have interesting Facts with Beautiful Real Photographs of Aroras. You can get the printable here.

2. Do fun Art projects

Here are some fun ideas to make colourful Auroras. All these are not only easy to create but also turns out to be Stunning!

Northern Lights art projects for kids

  1. Northern Lights Pastel Art by Projects with kids
  2. Northern Lights painting by The Educators Spin on It
  3. Chack Pastel Art by the Pinterested Parent
  4. Easy Northern Light painting by crafts on Sea
  5. Another Chalk Pastel Art by Taming Little Monsters
  6. Finally, the Easy Northern lights Painting done by us ( Watch the video below how we did in a minute! )

This painting is so easy, and you can make many Northern lights process art like this; All within a minute! Make sure to use only the colours of the Aurora.

Kids would love to try more and more and see the mixing effects of these colours.

3. Northern lights Colouring Pages

Here are some Northern Lights Mindfulness colouring pages for kids who love colouring pages at Twinkl.

4. Videos about Northern Lights

Videos are great to see the magnificence of the dancing lights! If you allow Screentime for your kids, I recommend watching these three videos about Auroras.

Learn what causes Aurora and some Interesting facts about Aurora.

Here is a compilation of Vibrant Aurora shot from Northern Scotland.

Watch a spectacular timelapse of the polar lights shot from the International Space station.

5. Picture books about Aurora

Picture Books are our Top favourites to learn about something new. These simple storybooks for Children specifically show the Auroras in the North pole. Click on the images to learn learn more and get the books.

  • Aurora-A tale of Northern Lights by Mindy Dwyer
  • Sky Sisters By Jan Bourdeau Waboose
  •  Rory by Sarah Kullen

Aurora Activities for kids aurora activities for kids

  • Arctic White By Danna Smith
  • Northern Lights (Non-fiction Book – Real photographs of Northern lights with information)


I hope you found these Ideas and Resources helpful to do your northern lights Unit Study! I will add more resources on Aurora every year on this blog! So Pin this for later!

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