How to Make an Arctic Sensory Bin?

All activities should be supervised by an adult. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links.

Kids love sensory bins! They keep kids entertained and engaged while also teaching them new things. This article will teach you an easy way to make an Arctic sensory bin for kids.

arctic animals sensory bin for kids

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Arctic Sensory Bin

An Arctic Sensory bin is a great way to explore the animals that live in the Arctic regions, the climate, biome and the types of food eaten there. So If you are doing polar theme activities, make this Sensory Bin or Arctic Small world for creative play-based learning.  

Things needed to make an Arctic sensory bin

  1. A Huge Plastic tub or Container
  2. Sheet of Styrofoam
  3. Arctic Animals
  4. Cutter, Cutting mat
  5. White Glue
  6. Toothpicks
  7. Food colour 
  8. Animal figurines

(Important note: Styrofoam is a non-biodegradable material that takes centuries to break down. We have used the waste Styrofoam Sheets that came along with packing materials. I recommend not buying it just for Crafting or Playing purposes) 

Directions to make an Arctic sensory bin

This Arctic sensory Bin or the Arctic small World is very easy to set up. Watch the video to see how we made it with a few easy steps. You can Scroll on to read the brief instructions with pictures. 

First, cut a few sheets of Styrofoam the size of the tub’s width and a few random shapes. Together they will resemble the Arctic landscape. 

I used sandpaper to scratch off the corners and make the Edges smooth and blunt. 

Stick them as levels using White glue and tooth pics.

Place the Stryform layers into the tub. (Note: you need not Glue this to the tub because it sits nicely due to Compression and will not float even when water is added) 

Styrofoam on sensory bin

Add a Few drops of food colour in the water, mix well and add it to the tub. Add the arctic animal figurines, and the tub is all set to play! 

Arctic sensory bin with safari toob animal figurines

You can also add ice Cube to make the play even more enjoyable. 

We Added some Circlular Ice sheets made in a muffin tray. These float like Icebergs, and it is so fun to place the animals on them and play creatively in the beautiful Arctic Landscape. 

  Want to learn about Arctic Food Web? Get this Interactive Page and add it to Your Learning binder.


Make an Antarctic Sensory Bin

We all know the Antarctic landscape is similar to the Arctic except for the animals that live there, like Penguins and Whales.

Why not use the Same Sensory Bin set up with Antarctic Animals instead of Arctic animals. Here is ours,

Antarctic animals sensory bin

Set the Bin in two Minutes 

Most of the sensory bins allow only single time usage; either there is a lot of wastage or difficulty to store. But not this one.

Drain the Water and Store the tub with Styrofoam. Next time When you need to Set up, you have to add fresh-coloured water and Tadaa; it is all set to play! 

We used it many times last month, a few plays with Arctic Toob, a few times with antarctic toob and Sometimes Both! This helped my daughter play with Polar Animal figurines in many different ways and get familiar with all the polar animals’ names. 

Do you love this Idea? Please pin it for later. 

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