Easter Learning Cards

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Easter is a Holiday that Celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Children love to learn about Easter and explore all the fun activities that come along with it!

We enjoy doing Festival Themed Activities. In particular, Learning about the Tradition and the Story Behind the Celebration has been my daughter’s Favorite.

In this blog, I have shared our Easter Tray made with Easter Learning cards Pack and also a few Book and Video recommendations to Learn about Easter.

Easter Learning Cards for kids printable

Easter Learning Cards

This Easter Learning Pack is perfect for kids to Learn about Easter during the Holidays. It has 8 Fact cards that teach

  • What is Easter?
  • When is it celebrated?
  • What are the days of Holy Week?
  • Why Bunnies are Symbols of Easter

Easter Flashcards for Kids Printable

The 16 Cards display some common customs people do during Easter week. You can sort the cards into different categories, using the sorting labels.

Easter Flashcards for kids printable PDF

And the Trivia Cards are so much fun! Not only will they have lots of fun trying to answer questions about Easter traditions, but they’ll also learn something new in the process.

Easter Trivia cards Printable

Picture Books To learn the Story of Easter

Picture books can be a great addition to these cards to learn about Easter. I have 4 Easter Picture book recommendations; 2 tell the story of the Easter Bunny or Easter eggs, and 2 narrate the story of  Jesus.

  1. The Story of Easter by Katya Longi
  2. The Easter Story by Patricia A. Pingry 

We have the first one (German Version) and It is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers with a peek-through window on the cover and chunky pages.

Whatever the story, picture books are a fun and easy way to learn about Easter.

Easter Videos for kids

Some Kids love Learning with videos. Here are some educational videos that will help children understand the meaning of Easter and why it is such a special holiday.

Learn the Story of Easter – Jesus Enters Jerusalem, People Love and Follow him, Judas betrays Jesus, The Last Supper, Crucifixion and Reincarnation of Jesus

Learn the significance of Bunnies and some non-religious customs of the Easter celebration.

Alright, here is the link to purchase the 13 Page Easter resource that I created. It includes 8 Fact cards, 16 cards, Sorting labels and 12 Trivia Cards.





You can Pin Easter Learning Cards for Later!

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