Daisy Letter Board – An Exciting Fine Motor Activity for Kids

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Daisies are some of the prettiest flowers that bloom in the Spring and Summer Months. If you want to do some fun Kid’s activities using Daisis,  try this Daisy Letter Board!

 It’s perfect for kids to enjoy while sitting outside on the lawn during the sunny summer and spring months.

So, find a cosy spot on the lawn, bring out your Daisy Letter Board, and have a wonderful time!

Daisy Letter Board

kids would be proud of these flower arrangements they made using the cardboard sheet It’s an activity that combines the beauty of daisies with lots of fun for kids!

How to Prepare the Daisy Letter Board

With these simple steps, you’ll have a fantastic Daisy Letter Board ready for a fun-filled outdoor activity!

Get an A4 size cardboard sheet.

Choose a letter, preferably the first letter of the child’s name, to make it more engaging for them.

Write the chosen letter on the cardboard sheet.

Using skewers, create small holes on the letter at regular intervals of 1 inch.

Make holes on cardboard


Now, the preparation is complete!


Preparing Flower board - holes on cardboard

Head over to the lawn and let the kids gather flowers to decorate the Daisy Letter Board.

Here’s Why You Should Give the Daisy Letter Board a Shot!

  • Enhances fine motor skills through plucking flowers and inserting them in the holes.
  • Provides a fun outdoor activity at the park.
  • Promotes letter recognition and learning.
  • Requires easy preparation.
  • Budget-friendly and low-cost option.

Making Daisy flower Arrangement

Alternative Options for Daisy Letter Boards:

Explore these alternative options to make your flower letter boards even more diverse and exciting for endless outdoor fun!

  1. Any Flower Works: This activity isn’t limited to daisies alone! You can use any type of flower you like. If you’re using bigger flowers, adjust the hole distances accordingly to accommodate them.
  2. Shapes, Animals, and Objects: Instead of letters, get creative and make shapes, animals, or objects on the board. Let your imagination run wild and choose designs that excite the kids.

Letter S daisy Board

Kids will absolutely love creating their own masterpieces with flowers and proudly showing them off. It’s a wonderful way to showcase their creativity and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Keep in mind that fresh flowers, including daisies, will only last for a few hours before wilting. So, make the most of the beauty they bring while they last!

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Daisy Letter Board

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