St.Patrick’s Day Mazes

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Looking to add some festive fun to St. Patrick’s Day while keeping it easy and screen-free for your little one? Here are 6 Fun St.Patrick’s Day Mazes Printables for Your Little Leprechaun!

St.patrick's Day free Printable maze


St. Patrick’s Day Mazes Free Printable

These charming mazes combine the thrill of finding the path with the delight of shamrocks, pots of gold, and all things St. Patrick’s Day.

  1. Leprechaun Hat Maze
  2. Shamrock Maze
  3. Pot of Gold Maze
  4. Rainbow Maze
  5. Lucky Clover Maze
  6. Irish Flag maze

St.patrick's Day free Printable maze

These mazes are perfect for little hands just beginning with mazes (Ages 3+).

Your little leprechauns will enjoy navigating their way from start to finish, and they can even practice tracing the text! There are little drawings which they can colour too!

So gather your pencils, cosy up with your little leprechaun, and prepare for some shamrock-filled fun!

For older children, you can easily print 2 or 4 mazes on a single page and challenge them to solve them. We typically print 4 on one page for our 6-year-old daughter.

St patrick's Day free Printable maze

You can download the printable mazes at the end of the post by signing up! You can also pin the blog for later!

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Stay tuned for new mazes for every holiday! Check back later to discover new ones or join our newsletter for updates.

St. Parick’s Day Handprint Art

Transform your kids’ Handprints into adorable Greeting cards using these Handprint Art template ideas for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

More St.Patrick’s Day Printables for kids

Download the St.Patrick’s Day Mazes Printable

Ready to spread the cheer? Simply Sign up to Download all the mazes in a Single PDF. These are only for personnel and single-classroom use.

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