11 Best Krishna stories for kids

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Lord Krishna, one of the most popular Hindu Gods, is known for his stories full of adventure and lessons.

Kids love all those captivating adventures that end up with good triumph over evil no matter what the odds are against them – all thanks to Lord Krishna’s intelligence and courage!

Explore our collection of the best Krishna Stories for kids! And the best part? A free downloadable Krishna storybook awaits you at the end of this post.

Krishna Stories for kids

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Popular and Best Krishna Stories for kids

Here is a list of the best Lord Krishna stories that you can narrate to your kids! Each one has a Small story brief and then a video of the story.  You have the flexibility to either enjoy the written version or opt for the video rendition of each narrative.

  1. The Story of Krishna’s Birth 
  2. Krishna and Putana
  3. Krishna and his love for Butter 
  4. Krishna’s Dance on Kaliya
  5. The Universe in Krishna’s Mouth
  6. Krishna Lifts the Govardhan hill
  7. Nalakuvara and Manigriva
  8. Krishna and the fruit seller
  9. Krishna and Arishthasura
  10. Krishna and Lorn Brahma
  11. Krishna kills King Kamsa

Krishna’s life was full of excitement and captivating moments, which can also teach our kids valuable morals such as courage in adversity, devotion to duty, inner strength and true wisdom among other values.

Now Let’s read each of Krishna’s stories to kids.

The Story of Krishna’s Birth

Kansa, fearing a prophecy, imprisoned his sister Devaki and her husband Vasudeva, slaying their newborns.

When Lord Krishna was born, his father took the baby away secretly to a nearby village and placed another baby in their stead.

Krishna and Putana

Kamsa summoned the demoness Putana to kill Krishna, She fed Krishna her poison-filled milk. Unfortunately, Krishna was unaffected by the milk and instead, she died.

Krishna’s Love for Butter

Krishna’s insatiable love for butter led to stealthy thefts. Although his mother devised a brilliant plan, Krishna and his friends still managed to sneakily pilfer the butter.

Krishna’s Dance on Kaliya

A ten-headed serpent was poisoning a river. Krishna used his divine power to get rid of the serpent and save the cows.

The universe in Krishna’s mouth

When Krishna toddler, instead of eating fruits,  he ate dust and sand from the ground. When his mother Yashoda made him open his mouth, she saw the entire universe inside.

Krishna Lifts the Govardhan Hill

Lord Krishna protected the people of Vrindavan from Indra’s anger by holding up a mountain for several nights.

Nalakuvara and Manigriva

One day Yashoda tied Krishna to a courtyard mortar as she grew tired of his mischievous pranks. Crawling towards two nearby trees, krishna wriggled through, trapping the mortar. He pulled with all his might, toppling the trees. Out emerged two demigods, Nalakuvara and Manigriva, finally free from their long curse.

Krishna and the fruit seller

Krishna offered palmful of grains to the fruit seller in exchange for fruits. She, touched by his innocence, gave him fruits. Later, she discovered jewels instead of grains—a divine blessing from Lord Vishnu, thanks to Krishna’s simple act of kindness.

Krishna and Arishthasura

A raging bull that had come to the village of Vrindavan was found to be possessed by an evil demon. Lord Krishna used his divine power to understand this, and then pierced the bull’s horns with a special weapon.

Krishna and Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma played a trick on Krishna by stealing all of his cows and friends, but Krishna taught him a lesson by assuming the form of all his friends.

Krishna Kills Kamsa

Kamsa invited Krishna and Balarama to a wrestling match. When they won, Kamsa tried to kill them with his soldiers. Krishna Manages to kill Kamsa and free his parents from prison.

I hope you enjoyed all the Krishna stories, right from his birth to the defeat of King Kamsa.

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Krishna stories for kids


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