Winter Cap Craft {Free Template}

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Introduce some frosty fun into your classroom or home with our Free Winter Cap Craft template.

This engaging activity is perfect for fostering creativity, fine motor skills, and an appreciation for the chilly season.

Let creativity and imagination take centre stage as you and your little ones design colourful winter caps! Get ready to craft and stay cosy!

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Things you will need to make the Winter Cap

  • Winter Cap Printable Template
  •  Scissors
  • White Crayon or White Oil Pastel
  • Watercolour Paint or Tempera Paint.

That’s all you need to get started!

Directions to make Winter Cap with template

Download the printable at the end of the post. You need to print the sheets on Thick cardstock Paper. Regular Paper will absorb a lot of water and get soaked.

Cardstock will also absorb water, but it will be fine later after it dries.

Make some patterns on the Printable with White oil Pastel and decorate the Cap however you like.

Winter cap free template

Paint and cover the entire hat with watercolour paint.

Use a paper towel to remove the extra Moisture on the Cap. Now leave it to dry completely (It takes around 30 mins)

Colorful winter cap craftsNow you can cut the Cap out along the outline. That’s all! Your winter cap is Ready!

Winter cap craft

You can add a Big Pom Pom on top if you have one or Make using yarn.  Add the child’s name to the Cap and make it more personalised.


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With our printable cap template, kids can infuse their winter wear with personalization and vibrant colours! Imagine a collection of diverse, colourful caps adorning the walls, creating a beautiful classroom atmosphere.

It’s the perfect idea to foster creativity and warmth in the classroom setting.

Don’t forget to save this Winter cap craft for later!

Winter hat with free template

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Download the Winter Cap Template

It is an easy project that you could do with your Toddler or Preschooler this winter. Ready? Please download the free template here.

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