Travel Themed Drawing Prompts

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Long journeys can sometimes feel endless, especially for kids. Keeping them entertained and engaged is key to a smooth trip, whether you’re travelling by plane, train, or car.

That’s where our “Travel-Themed Drawing Prompts” come to the rescue!

These seven Free Printable drawing prompts are perfect for sparking creativity and keeping boredom at bay.

Suitable for kids of all ages, they offer a fun way to pass the time and capture their imaginations.

Travel Themed Drawing Prompts Free printable

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7 Travel-Themed Drawing Prompts

These travel-themed drawing prompts are designed to stimulate your child’s creativity and keep them engaged for hours. They can draw from their imagination or get inspired by the scenes around them.

Travel Themed Drawing Prompts Free printable

Here are the drawing prompts included in the pack:

  • What Do You See Through the Car Window?
  • What Do You See Through the Plane Window?
  • What Do You See Through the Train Window?
  • what is on either side of the road?
  • What have you packed for the trip?
  • What road signs do you see?
  • What did you eat today?

Travel Themed Drawing Prompts Free printable

Perfect for long trips, these prompts will make the journey as exciting as the destination.

How to use the drawing Prompts

These are incredibly easy to prepare! Just download the pages and print them out. They’re designed for A4 paper; if you’re using US letter size, select the “Fit” option when printing. Pack these sheets with a set of crayons or coloured pencils, and you’re all set. It’s that simple!

Watch as your kids transform their travel experiences into beautiful works of art!

These sheets are perfect for use at home too!

road trip Drawing Prompt Free printable

Download them for free at the end of the post by signing up! Don’t forget to pin this blog so you can check back later!

Travel Themed Drawing Prompts Free printable

More Free Printables Perfect for Travel

Summer Drawing Prompts.

This pack features 10 summer-themed drawing prompts designed to ignite your child’s imagination.

Each prompt presents an unfinished picture that encourages kids to bring their own unique touch, offering endless opportunities for self-expression and artistic exploration.

But that’s not all! The pack also includes a Summer Drawing Challenge Sheet with 20 unique and engaging drawing challenges. Print it out and pin it on the wall to inspire daily creativity and fun throughout the summer.

Whether your child is at home or on the go, these prompts and challenges will keep them entertained and inspired, making their summer both creative and memorable!

Entertaining Kids on the Road: Essential Travel Companions

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