Colour code colouring worksheets

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Here are 4 Colour Code Colouring worksheets for kids to enjoy during their Quiet time. Perfect for Preschoolers to do during Thanksgiving week.

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

What is Colour Code Colouring?

A simple activity where kids refer to the key or the Colour code and make the picture come alive with colours. This is a great way to practice numbers, Alphabet, etc. Kids love these worksheets because they can be used to practice the fundamentals of both math/literacy and art at the same time.

Colour code colouring sheets for thanksgiving

These are the 4 Simple pages that I made for my 3-year-old to get started. Not necessary that you start at 3; you can introduce these activities as soon as your kid can recognize numbers and the alphabet.

Kids can choose crayons or any of their favourite mediums to colour it to discover a Pumpkin pie, Turkey and a Thanksgiving meal.

Here is an image of my 3-year-old colouring the pages. At that age, my daughter loved Brush pens for most of her colouring activities. It is great to fill a vast space quickly.

fall leaf colouring with brush pen

Colour code colouring sheets are fantastic for reinforcing basic concepts (Numbers and letters ) and also give the kids a sense of fulfilment by completing a page.

How to download this free printable?

Download our Free Thanksgiving colour code colouring worksheets by clicking on the icon below.

Please note that the Printable is for personal or classroom use only.

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Thanksgiving colour code colouring sheets


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