Thanksgiving colour code colouring

This Thanksgiving season, here are some colour code colouring printables for kids to enjoy their quiet time. These are so much fun!

Thanksgiving colour code colouring sheets

What is colour code Colouring?

A simple activity where kids refer to the key or the colour code and make the picture come alive with colours. This is a great way to practice numbers, Alphabet, etc.

Colour code colouring sheets for thanksgiving

These are the 4 simple sheets that I made for my 3-year-old to get started. Not necessary that you need to start at 3, You can introduce these activities as soon as your kid is able to recognize numbers and alphabets.

Kids can choose any of their favorite medium to colour it.

Pumpkin pie colour code coluring

Here are some images of a 3-year-old colouring the pages. Nowadays, she prefers only my brush pen for all of her colouring activities.

fall leaf colouring with brush pen

Colour code coloring sheets are awesome for reinforcing basic concepts and also give the kids a sense of fulfillment by completing a page.

My child totally enjoyed this activity, and I am planning to create more for every season. Of course, it will be a freebie. Make sure that you follow us on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to stay updated.

How to download this free printable?

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