Tamil Letter அ Words

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Discovering new words and expanding vocabulary is an exciting journey, especially for young learners. If you’re looking for words that start with the letter அ (a), you’re in luck!

We’ve created a fantastic poster that showcases around 7 simple Tamil nouns with pictures beginning with the letter அ.

Whether you choose to use it as a poster or as part of your learning binder, this resource is perfect for teaching and reinforcing your child’s vocabulary skills.

Tamil letter a words

Letterஅ poster

Our poster features a collection of 7 Tamil nouns, starting with the letter அ.

To compile this collection of words, I referred to the extensive collection of அ words on the Educalingo website.

Among the 1000s of words,  I have thoughtfully selected each word to ensure simplicity and relevance for young learners.

From common everyday objects to familiar concepts, these pictures will capture your child’s imagination and curiosity. These are perfect for expanding your child’s language skills.

Tamil Letter அ Words

Here is a list of Tamil words that start with the letter அ (a), along with their meanings:

1. அணில் (anil) – Squirrel
2. அன்னம் (annam) – Swan
3. அம்மா (amma) – Mother
4. அப்பா (appa) – Father
5. அம்பு (ambu) – Arrow
6. அரண்மனை (aranmanai) – Palace
7. அன்னாசிப்பழம் (annaasippazham) – Pineapple

All these Tamil words are beautifully illustrated, making them highly suitable for kids. The poster featuring these words is a visual delight that will capture your child’s attention and imagination.

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Download your Printable Poster with Tamil Letter அ Words

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