Spring Busy Book

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Spring is almost here! Enjoy Learning with the beautiful Spring Scenes on the Spring Busy book for Toddlers.

With 10 unique interactive and Colourful pages, Toddlers will find it Engaging and have hours of fun!

all spring busy book activity collage

What’s inside the Spring Busy Book?

First, Let’s take a quick tour of the inside pages of our Book.

Each  Activity page of this busy Book has just 5 or 6 matching pieces(except the alphabet page). Toddlers will find it easy to complete and will love to do it repeatedly.

Moreover, It is a convenient book to take along during your travel and keep your Toddler busy.

To sum it up, the Book has 12 Activity pages, excluding the Editable cover pages.

The Signs of Spring is now a Separate pack (Not part of this Busy book)

How to Make a Busy Book? 

For a detailed tutorial on how to make a Laminated Velcro matching Activity Book, I suggest you watch this Video on Making a busy book and laminate matching pieces.

Here is a brief:

First, Print and Laminate the pages. Then, Cut the matching pieces out and add velcro. Organise them in a File folder or Comb bind them together in a shop or at home using a comb binder.

Spring Interactive Learning Pages

The Spring busy book comes with a beautiful, customisable cover page, where you can add your Toddler’s Name in the Editable field.

Snail shell shape matching busy book pageThe first few pages are simple visual discrimination activities like matching shapes, colours, shadows, Emotions and size.

4 different Velcro matching activities

These activities help develop their visual perception skills, an essential skill for toddlers. They also establish Hand-eye coordination, bilateral coordination and fine motor skills.

If you like to know more about Busy Books, please check out this blog. Learn why your child needs a busy book? 

Next, we have activities that focus on Number recognition and Counting.

frog number matching 1 to 5, frog printable puppets

Alternatively, you can use these frog-matching pieces as puppets to sing and play the frog rhyme “Five Little Speckled Frogs.”

Next, kids can Count the flowers on the bush, say the number, and place the equivalent number of flowers on the bush. Such a fun way to learn numbers! It helps Toddlers to develop Number Recognition and Counting skills.

flowers math counting

During the spring season, it is common to see birds building nests at parks and here is an activity created based on that—Alphabet Egg matching. All scenes in this Spring busy Book are designed with the most popular spring Season Elements and Settings.

Spring Egg matching Alphabet

These are a few more activity pages, Please watch the entire content of this Spring Busy Book from the Video at the beginning of the post.

Kids love to see the actual photographs and learn the signs of Spring through the Spring flashcards. It is included as a bonus along with this Spring Busy book.

Pin this image (Activity Pages from our Spring busy Book) for later.

toddler busy book activities for spring season

So much fun! Isn’t it?? Toddlers will love interactive books like these. You can get the printable here.

Busy Books for other seasons

You can get all the busy books as a Bundle to save 50% – Check out this Seasons – Busy Book Bundle

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