Snowman Hat Matching Activity

This snowman hat matching game is a great way to entertain kids from ages 2 to 5. Because this printable has activities with 2 difficulty levels.

snowman hat matching activity printable

Snowman is always associated with Christmas since it snows during Christmas in many parts of the world. So this snowman hat matching game is part of our Christmas freebie series.

In the printable, you will find activities in 2 stages

Stage 1 – Snowman hat Colour matching

snowman colour matching cards

This is suitable for toddlers and is a great visual discrimination acivity. Moreover, You can use it in two ways according to your preference.

  1. Print, laminate and add velcros to make a velcro matching game
  2. Print on cardstock, Cut and make busy bags cards

This includes 8 colour hats that need matching and Kids can play this game over and over again.

Stage 2 – Snowman hat Pattern matching

This is suitable for kids 2.5+ years. Just print the pages and let the kids do a cut and paste activity.

snowman matching sheets

There are 5 very similar patterns in red that need to be matched. It is quite challenging for young kids.

Here is my 3-year-old matching the hats and pasting them with paper glue. She really enjoyed this activity!

How to download this snowman hat matching printable?

This printable along with many other Christmas activities is available in our free printables library. If you are a subscriber, just use the password from any of our mail.

Or else just click the below button to download the printable.

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