Snowman Hat Matching Activity

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Snowman Activities are perfect for the winter months! Here is an interesting Hat Matching Game Busy Bag printable for kids to have fun matching the hats.

Snowman Hat matching Game

Snowman Hat matching activity

I have designed the printable for Two age groups.

  • Colour Matching for Toddlers
  • Pattern Matching for Preschoolers.

Snowman hat Colour matching

Colour matching is one of the first busy book activities that toddlers do. It is a great visual discrimination activity.


You can create and use the activity in two ways according to your preference.

  1. Velcro Matching Game: Print, laminate, and add velcros and Play. Add this to your Busy book or Busy binder.
  2. Busy Bag:  Print on cardstock, Cut and make cards to match and Play. You can store it in a Pouch or Letter envelope.

This printable includes 8 Sets and is excellent to learn the basic colours. Tiny tods love to play the game over and over again.

snowman colour matching cards

You might also like this Toddler Busy book for learning colours. 

While the above game is Suitable for tiny tods, I have a little more challenging Matching activity for older kids.

Snowman hat Pattern matching

Pattern matching is suitable for kids 2.5+ years. Just print the pages and let the kids do a cut and paste activity. Scissor skills activities are great for fine motor skills.

snowman matching sheets

Kids need to discriminate Five closely similar patterns in red. It is quite challenging for young kids.

Here is my 3-year-old matching the hats and pasting them with paper glue. My lo enjoyed this activity!

This is a one-time activity; if you want to reuse it again, Laminate it and add Velcro. Another Activity page to your Busy Binder.

How to download this free printable?

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You can also pin this for later

snowman hat matching activity printable

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