Skittles Rainbow Science Experiment for Kids

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Would you believe that Skittles can be used to teach science to kids? Yes! This Skittles Rainbow Science Experiment is a fun and easy way for kids of all ages to learn about Diffusion.

Also, It is so much fun to watch the process as well as the result.



Skittles Rainbow Science Experiment for Kids

We love it when an activity involves minimal use of things, especially when we already have that at home.  Your little one will love this simple Science experiment that takes a few minutes.

Things you will need: 

  • Skittles or M& M or Gems. You can use any candies from any brand.
  • A White Plate
  • Water

These are all you need to make this fun Experiment.


Place Skittles in a circle along the rim of the plate.  Create patterns by alternating colours.

Kids will get to practice using their fingers together to pick up and place the skittles on the plate. This action strengthens their fine motor skills. It’s both fun and helpful, especially if your child is a Toddler!

Add warm water to the middle of the plate such that it also touches the outer edge of the candies.

Now, Wait 30 seconds to watch the colours dissolve into the water.

Hot water releases colour faster than cold water. When you use cold water for this experiment, it takes longer for the colours to dissolve in water.

The results are stunning!  You will see all the colours dissolve and move to the centre. When you mix paints, you can form new colours. Experiment with your finger to mix, swirl and create a whole range of new colours. Discover the magic of colour mixing!


Watch Video Tutorial


The Science Behind this Rainbow Science Experiment

Skittles are colourful candy treats that are coated with sugar and food colouring. When you add warm water, the sugar and colour start to dissolve.

The sugar molecules move around to areas of lower concentration, so each Skittle will dissolve evenly and stay in its own lane. It’s like a tiny science experiment that’s fun to watch!

More creative ways to do this experiment

  • Try different arrangements of Skittles
  • You can Make this a Seasonal Activity by changing the colour themes. For example, Red and Green for Christmas and Orange and Purple for Halloween
  • Experiment with different water temperatures. Use two plates with Similar skittles arrangements but one with Hot water and the other with cold water. Compare the results.

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Through this activity, they will get to observe the different colours of Skittles as they move through water, making an exciting discovery along the way. So why not give your kids a chance to expand their minds while having some delicious fun? Try out the Skittles Rainbow Science Activity today!

To try this Later, Pin this image on your Science experiment ideas list!


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