Read and Draw Worksheets

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Are you Looking for engaging activities that boost your child’s reading comprehension and creativity? Look no further than these Free Printable Read-and-draw worksheets!

These versatile worksheets offer a fun way to develop essential skills, all while keeping boredom at bay.

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Free Printable Read and Draw Worksheets

How do the Read and Draw worksheets help the child?

Read and draw worksheets combine the power of reading with the magic of art. Here’s how they benefit your child:

  • Strengthens Reading Comprehension: By drawing based on written prompts, children actively engage with the text, solidifying their understanding of the story or passage.
  • Boosts Creativity: The freedom to illustrate what they’ve read allows kids to express themselves creatively and visualize the written word.

Read and Draw worksheet - a drawing by first Grader

  • Improves Focus: These worksheets require children to concentrate on both reading and drawing, enhancing their ability to focus on a single task.
  • Makes Learning Fun:  The interactive nature of read-and-draw worksheets makes them an enjoyable way to develop essential skills.

Read and Draw worksheet - a drawing by first Grader

What’s in the free printable pack?

This free printable pack features 8 worksheets accompanied by a cover page, allowing you to assemble a personalized workbook for your child.


Each page contains two boxes, each with a brief, easy-to-understand sentence. Designed for first-graders and kindergarteners, these sentences are also suitable for preschoolers, with parents able to read them aloud and assist with drawing corresponding pictures.

Free Printable Read and Draw Worksheets

How to make a Read and Draw Workbook?

Assembling the workbook is simple; just staple the pages together.

Alternatively, at our home, we opt for comb binding, which offers a seamless page-turning experience.

We recommend using the Fellowes binding system, which is ideal for binding workbooks, busy books, and educational pages.

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The binding combs are cost-effective, with a pack of 100 priced at less than $10—plenty to last through your child’s early learning years.

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Free Printable Read and Draw Worksheets

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