Rama and Sita Colouring Page for kids

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This free printable Rama and Sita colouring page depicts a scene from Indian mythology. Kids will love filling in the colours on these Ramayana characters, this Diwali!

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rama and sita colouring page

Who are Rama and sita?

Rama and Sita are two important figures in Hindu mythology and are central characters in the ancient Indian epic called the Ramayana. They are divine figures in Hinduism and their story is well-known and widely celebrated in Hindu culture.

Facts about Rama

    • Rama or Ram is one of the incarnations (avatars) of the Hindu god Vishnu.
    • Rama is often depicted as an ideal man, a symbol of dharma (righteousness), and a paragon of virtue.
    • He is the eldest son of King Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalya of Ayodhya, a legendary city in ancient India.
    • Rama is known for his unwavering devotion to truth, duty, and honour.
    • He is often portrayed as the perfect son, husband, and king.
    • His story primarily revolves around his exile from the kingdom, the abduction of his wife Sita by the demon king Ravana, and his quest to rescue her with the help of the monkey-god Hanuman and his army of monkeys.

Facts about Sita

    • Sita is the wife of Rama and is also considered a divine figure in Hinduism.
    • She is often regarded as the embodiment of purity, virtue, and devotion.
    • Sita is believed to have been born from the Earth and was discovered by King Janaka while ploughing a field. She is sometimes referred to as “Janaki” (daughter of Janaka) because of this.
    • Her marriage to Rama is celebrated as an ideal and divine union in Hindu culture, symbolizing the perfect marriage relationship.
    • Sita’s abduction by Ravana and her subsequent trials during her captivity form a significant part of the Ramayana narrative.
    • Her unwavering devotion to Rama and her steadfastness in maintaining her virtue in the face of adversity are central themes in the epic.

Diwali Colouring Page Rama and sita

Rama and Sita Colouring page

This colouring page is perfect for Diwali because Diwali is celebrated to commemorate the return of Ram after 14 years of exile in the forest.

In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Prince Rama lives in the forest for 14 years after his stepmother Kaikeyi tricks his father King Dasharatha into making her son Bharata crown prince. Thus, Ram, Sita and Lakshmana were exiled in the forest for 14 years.

This colouring page shows the scene of Rama and Sita Living in the Forest.

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