Pistachio Shells Wreath

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In the realm of creative recycling, there’s a world of possibilities waiting to be explored. One such ingenious project is the Pistachio Shells Wreath – a delightful and sustainable way to turn kitchen discards into a beautiful piece of art.

We’ve been setting aside Pistachio shells for imaginative craft projects, and our first creation has come to life! There’s more in the pipeline. If you’ve been tossing aside these shells, now’s the perfect time to transform them into stunning home decor.

Embrace your crafty side and join us in creating a unique and eco-friendly pistachio shell wreath.

Pistachio shell Wreath Craft


Things you will need to make a Pistachio shells Wreath

  • Pistachio Shells
  • Cardboards
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Tempera paint Green
  • Cutter and cutting board
  • Red lace

Directions to make a Pistachio shells Wreath

Take a cardboard sheet and mark two concentric circles, then carefully cut out the ring to create the wreath base where we’ll affix the pistachio shells.

Using a glue gun, adhere the pistachio shells to the wreath base, starting from the inner edge and working your way along the circle.

Pistachio shell Wreath DIY

Once a circle is complete, begin glueing the next one. Ensure that the shells firmly adhere to the base and won’t come off during the painting process.

Pistachio shell Wreath Craft

Maintain uniformity by aligning all the shells of each circle in the same direction for a visually appealing result.

Pistachio shell Wreath

After covering the entire base with pistachio shells, start painting with green-colored paint. In this case, since it’s a Christmas-themed wreath, we opted for green, but feel free to choose any colour that suits your preference. Allow it to dry.

Painting Pistachio shells

Apply a second coat of paint after 30 minutes for a polished look. For a time-saving alternative, you can use green spray paint.

Green Wreath craft

While waiting for the second coating to dry, prepare a bow. You can make a bow with a Satin Ribbon or use a store-bought Bow as well!

Affix the bow using a glue gun onto the wreath. Flip it over and attach a thread for hanging the wreath on the door. That’s all it takes to create this charming pistachio shell wreath!

Christmas wreath Craft


Crafting this beautiful wreath not only taps into your creative side but also offers an eco-friendly means of repurposing pistachio shells, transforming them into an exquisite piece of decor.

Enjoy the process of turning everyday items into a visually appealing and environmentally conscious wreath.

Pistachio shell Wreath Craft

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Pistachio shell Wreath Craft


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