Paper Plate Tiger Craft

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Kids adore tigers! This adorable Paper Plate craft is tailor-made for tiger enthusiasts, young and old.

Given the tiger’s status as India’s national animal, this craft aligns seamlessly with our India Unit study. Moreover, it’s a fantastic addition to lessons on Wild Animals or tropical ecosystems.

Explore our array of India-themed Activities and Crafts! You’ll find our collection of Paper Plate crafts equally captivating.

Paper plate Tiger Craft

5 Awesome Facts about Tigers

  1. Tigers’ roars can be heard up to 3 kilometres away.
  2. Tigers are great jumpers, leaping as high as 5 meters in one bound.
  3. Unlike most cats, tigers are good swimmers and enjoy bathing.
  4. Tigers’ stripes are not only on their fur but also on their skin.
  5. A tiger’s tongue is so rough it can scrape off skin and feathers from prey.

Things you will need to make this Paper Plate Tiger craft

  • Tiger Template
  • Paper plate
  • Cardstock paper in black
  • Washable paint
  • Scissors

Watch a Video on How to make the Tiger Craft

Directions to make the Paper plate Tiger Craft

Take a Paper plate and paint in Orange. You can skip this step if you have an Orange colour paper plate already.

Download the Free tiger template provided at the end of this article and print it onto sturdy cardstock. Carefully cut out the template pieces. These will serve as tracers for cutting corresponding shapes from coloured sheets.

Tiger template for Paper plate craft

Begin by cutting out the larger and smaller stripes, as well as the nose, from black cardstock.

Tiger stripes template

Proceed to cut out the ears and mouth sections from a paper plate. For the outer ears, paint the orange colour similar to the base plate.

Tiger template

With all components prepared, it’s time to assemble the craft on the paper plate. Start by attaching the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Tiger craft

Apply the black strips along the top and sides of the tiger’s facial region. To complete this, draw the mouth onto the white portion beneath the nose. Your paper plate tiger is now ready to exhibit its fierce presence!

Paper plate Tiger Craft

Tigers, among the most exquisite creatures in the wild, hold a special place in my heart. Crafting this masterpiece was a delight, and you too can fashion a tiger using the same template.

Feel free to save this project for future use, or embark on it right away by acquiring the template at the article’s conclusion.

Paper plate Tiger Craft


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Download the Tiger Template





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