Paper Plate Shirt Craft

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Create a Cool and Colorful Paper Shirt Craft for Father’s Day – the Paper Plate Father’s Day Card!

With the included tie template, making this craft is even easier. Let me show you how to make this fantastic project.

This craft isn’t just great for Father’s Day; it’s also perfect for his birthday!

We have plenty of shirt craft ideas that are perfect for Father’s Day, check them out as well!

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Watch the tutorial on how to make this Paper plate Shirt Craft

Things you will need to make this Paper Plate Shirt Craft

  • 9″ Paper Plate
  • Washable non-toxic paint
  • Big Brush for Easy Painting
  • Fork or Bamboo sticks
  • Tie Template (Download for Free at the end of the post)
  • Pen for Writing Message

Step-by-step directions to make the Paper plate Shirt Craft

Take a paper plate and paint it using non-toxic paint in any colour of your choice.

Painting the Paper Plate Pink for craft

Be sure to fill in the outer rims carefully.

Paper Plate Craft

Once the plate is fully covered with paint, quickly use a fork or bamboo toothpicks to create patterns on the plate.

Remember, the plate should still be wet to make this step effective. You can make stripes or checks using the fork. Let the paper plate dry completely.

Paper Plate Shirt Craft

Meanwhile, let’s create the other parts of the craft.

We have a tie template that is perfect for this paper plate project, which you can download at the end of the post. Print it out and cut it along the lines.

You can either use the Template directly or use it to cut a tie of any colour of your choice. You can also colour them with your favourite tie pattern.


Father's day Card

Also, take a small piece of paper and write your Father’s Day message on it with a pen.

Once the plate is dry, cut out a small triangle from one end to create the neck portion of the shirt.

Attach the tie near the neck portion, leaving the rest of the tie to flap freely. Stick the message card behind the tie.

Father's day Shirt Craft

That’s it! Your Father’s Day craft with a message is ready! Enjoy!

Pink Paper Plate Shirt Craft

Create paper plate shirts in various colours and patterns. You can even replicate the colour of your father’s favourite shirt.

Paper Plate Shirt Craft for Father's day

We have several Father’s Day and Birthday message designs on our free printable. Download them and use them instead of writing a message by hand.

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Paper Plate Shirt Craft for Father's day

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Download the Free Tie Template

Click on the link below each Image to download the PDF. These files are only for personal and single-classroom use.





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