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Cardboard is our favorite material and we do many play setups with recyclables. Check them out here

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self blooming paper flowers
Paper Flowers that bloom Magically Surprise your Child with these Self blooming paper flowers! All you need to do is
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Dot sticker activity
Here are a few toddler activities using dot stickers. These are very simple ideas and are suitable for toddlers above
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What are flashcards and how to make Flashcards for kids? Flashcards are great learning tools for kids of any age.
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Shoe quiet book patern
Learning to put on shoes is one of the skills the child needs to master at an early age. This
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Counting on fingers
We made our first quiet book and this is the front page of the book. As the book focuses on
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Cardboard car parking image
A very easy-to-make cardboard car parking playmat for toddlers !! All Toddlers love little cars and car parking lots. This
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How to make a sunflower headband for kids
DIY Sunflower Headband for kids in 4 Easy steps In this post, I will be sharing how to Make a
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2 paper lotus on pad
How to Make a Stunning Paper Lotus Flower (with template) This Paper Lotus is so Adorable and Super-Easy to make
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Learn how to make a Sturdy Bookshelf from Cardboard that can hold up to 40 books Looking for a Front-facing
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Peekaboo page title
Peekaboo !!! Make your baby delighted with this awesome activity. The teddy bear plays peekaboo and opens its jaws to
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