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Welcome to Little Ladoo! We share Fun and Educational Activities for you to use with your Little ones. Enjoy our collection of Busy Books Printables, Craft Templates, as well as Easy-Prep Hands-on Activities that are perfect for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

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How to make a handprint paper flower
paper flower with handprint for kids
Make paper petals from your baby's handprint and create this beautiful flower! This flower can be a great keepsake craft
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Cardboard String Instrument
cardboard harp string instrument
How to Make a Cardboard Harp - String instrument This Cardboard String Instrument makes music just as a store-brought toy
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DIY Opposites book
I made this opposite book for my 2-year-old girl to learn opposites.  It is fun to flip through and interact
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Q-Tip Painting for Toddlers
q tip painting free printable
Free Q-Tip Painting Printable for Toddlers Q-tip painting is an excellent activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers to develop their fine
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Self Blooming Paper Flowers
self blooming paper flowers
Paper Flowers that bloom Magically Surprise your Child with these Self blooming paper flowers! All you need to do is
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Toddler activities with dot stickers
Dot sticker activity
Here are a few toddler activities using dot stickers. These are very simple ideas and are suitable for toddlers above
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How to make Flashcards for kids
What are flashcards and how to make Flashcards for kids? Flashcards are great learning tools for kids of any age.
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How to make shoe quiet book page
Shoe quiet book patern
Learning to put on shoes is one of the skills the child needs to master at an early age. This
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Counting on fingers page of our quiet book
Counting on fingers
We made our first quiet book and this is the front page of the book. As the book focuses on
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Cardboard car parking for toddlers
Cardboard car parking image
A very easy-to-make cardboard car parking playmat for toddlers !! All Toddlers love little cars and car parking lots. This
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