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Welcome to Little Ladoo, where you will find crafts and activities you love doing with your little learners. Get inspired with easy-to-make and frugal ideas to engage kids.

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Diwali Paper Diya craft
Yellow paper diya craft
Are you looking for an Easy Diwali Craft for Kids during this Diwali? Our Paper Diya Craft with Free Template
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Handprint Fall tree
handprint fall tree canvas art
Make this Keepsake Art with your child's Handprint! This Handprint Fall/Autumn tree is an Easy Keepsake Art made out of
Read more
Fall printables for preschoolers
If you’re looking for free fall printable activities for preschoolers, then look no further! I’ve put together this awesome list
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Digestive system Maze
Digestive system maze
DIY Cardboard Digestive system Maze to learn how Food travels Here is a fun Maze activity to teach our Kids
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Letter A busy bag
What is inside our Letter A Busy bag? Apple Sorting cards! This Busy bag is such a fun way to
Read more
Letter S busy bag
Count and clip cards s busy bag
What's inside our S busy bag?   We have these count and clip cards with things that have the beginning
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Letter S activities
Letter s activities, crafts and printable
My little one will be 3 years old in a couple of months and we thought introducing the "letter of
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Hair Salon Setup to Practice Scissor Skills
papercup dolls
Kids always love Scissor skill Activities! Here is an Easy DIY Set up that you can make for your kids
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Tin Can Piggy bank
Recycled tin can piggy bank diy
(Mr. Piggy Bank)- A cute tin can DIY that is both unbreakable/sturdy and very budget-friendly. Saving money is a habit
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How to teach Continents of the world
world map 7 continents name teaching
Teaching toddlers about new topics have always been a fun and cherishing experience, especially when it is filled with giggles
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