Number Sequencing Maze

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Our engaging Number Sequencing Maze gives the child a fantastic opportunity to learn number sequencing from 0 to 16! This fun-filled activity not only makes learning delightful but also reinforces Number identification.

This can also be used in classrooms as part of math centres or individual practice.

Number Sequencing Maze

What is a Number Sequencing Maze?

A number sequencing maze is a fun and educational math worksheet where kids navigate through a maze by connecting the numbers in order until they reach the finish line.

This activity supports number recognition and sequencing skills, making learning an adventure.

Free printable Number Maze

Benefits of the Number Sequencing Maze

This activity helps students:

  • Develop number recognition skills
  • Practice counting in order
  • Enhance fine motor skills

The maze starts at number 1 and progresses sequentially to 16, providing a clear and structured learning path.

Free printable Number ordering Maze

Why Students Will Love It

Students will have a blast navigating through the maze using Dot markers or highlighters, colouring each number in sequence as they go. This hands-on approach ensures they remain engaged while mastering the numbers from 1 to 16.

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How to use these Worksheets

  1. Print the Pages: Each pack contains 5 unique worksheets to count from 1 to 16, each featuring different animals and their food to make the activity more engaging.
  2. Starting Point: The start and end points are indicated by arrows. Kids begin at the top left corner.
  3. Mark the Path: Kids can use dot markers (dot daubers) to mark each number in sequence, or they can use crayons or highlighters to draw their path to the destination.

Number Sequencing Maze

This activity is not only fun but also improves fine motor skills as children count their way up to 16.

The last page of the worksheet pack has solutions to all five mazes, which can be differentiated with the help of animals in each puzzle.

1-16 number Maze free printable

Want more Sequencing maze worksheets like this? Currently, I am working on Alphabet Mazes and I will share them soon in Newsletters!

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Download your Number Sequencing Maze Printable

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