No-sew quiet book for toddlers

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Our little girl’s first quiet book is a mega-size counting book!! This is a No-sew quiet book, so anyone can easily make it for their toddlers. 

Quiet books made with felt are very durable and some people even have them for decades and pass them on to their grandkids. That is why I wanted to make one for my daughter myself so that it always remains special.

Have a glimpse of the inside pages here.

  • 1. Teddy bear peekaboo and brushing page
  • 2. Shoes unzipping and tying
  • 3. 3 little pig story page
  • 4. Pizza pattern match
  • 5. Noah’s arc story
  • 6. Flowers buttoning and shape match
  • 7. Rainbow color match
  • 8. Fishing page
  • 9. Washing machine page
  • 10. Collecting fruit page.

Totally it has 10 pages apart and each once has different activities to develop the fine motor skills of a toddler. The theme is “Numbers” and the pages are designed to make the kid count items. For example, Buttoning 6 flowers, matching 7 colors, catching 8 fishes, washing 9 socks, and collecting 10 fruits. 

Being a no-sew book,  it’s comparatively easy to create than the conventional sewn one. However, this roughly took me 3 weeks to plan, design, draw, and create the book. 

So here, in this blog, I will explain the general aspects of the book such as

  • An overview of materials needed
  • How to bind the pages
  • How to cut felt with templates
  • Cutting template links ( will be updated soon)

Materials needed to make a no-sew quiet book

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1. Base sheet: I have used 2mm thick acrylic felt sheets as the base sheet. The size is 30 x 22.5 cm and it is slightly bigger than A4. This material is very stiff and is perfect for a book of this scale. Check your local craft store or you can also get this from Etsy. Known as Hardened or stiffened acrylic felt.

2. Other page elements: All the page figures are cut with 1.2mm soft and hard felt. Soft felt is for the ones that are attached to the base page. Hard ones are used for loose pieces like fishes, oranges, etc. Hard felt resists more wear and tear. 

felt for quiet bookhard felt for quiet book

3. For gluing: I used a hot glue gun to glue big pieces and fabric glue for gluing the small pieces.

4. For marking details: Permanent marker fine point pen.

5. Miscellaneous: Other things which you might need would be Self-adhesive velcro fasteners, buttons, popsicle sticks, zip, lace, etc.

6. For binding: Revolving hole punch pliers,  eyelet hole plier,  folder binding rings and magnetic snap. 

Tools for binding quiet book Tools for binding quiet bookTools for binding quiet book      Tools for binding quiet book 

Tools for binding quiet book

How to bind the pages

Punch 2 holes on all pages with revolving hole punch pliers. Using eyelets is optional, but when used it looks good. Now just insert the folder binding rings through the holes and lock. This is a really great way to bind felt sheets because you can easily add or remove pages in the future. Also, add a magnetic snap to close the book. 

No sew quiet book binding

How to cut felt with template

I prefer two methods to cut felt with a given template

Method 1: Once the template sheet is printed, cut each element exactly on the outline. Place it over felt and mark the outline on felt with a color pencil. Then cut with precision scissors. I prefer this method for cutting big pieces.

Cutting felt 1

Method 2: Cut the template roughly and paste it over felt with transparent tape. Then cut over the line exactly. 

Cutting felt 2

Finally, here are the links to the individual pages. Just click on the thumbnails to go to the blog and read instructions and download the templates to make your book. I have provides free templates for the Teddy bear & Shoe page.  

Counting on fingers

Peekaboo page title

Shoe quiet book patern

I hope this blog will be very helpful for everyone who wants to make a quiet book. If you found this useful please let me know in the comments section. 

Also, Check our Printable quite books on my Youtube channel. You can just print, laminate, and make a quiet book. 

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