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14 Free Flashcards to learn The National symbols of India

Want to teach your child the National symbols of Incredible India? These Flashcards with images and text will be a great learning resource for young kids to learn easily.

In this blog, I have also added the important facts of these National symbols of India.  So Pin this blog to your child’s educational board, and refer to this blog while teaching with the flashcards.

National symbols of india

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What is a National Symbol?

National symbols of a country are signs or objects that represent the distinctive characteristics of a country. Some examples of Nation symbols are Anthem, Moto, Flag or Currency.

National symbols of India

The Republic of India has the following official National Symbols the represent the identity of our Country. So read on a few important facts for each symbol or skip to the end to download the Printable.

The National Animal:  Tiger

Tigers display the wildlife wealth of India. Do you know that India hosts the world’s largest tiger population?   Tiger was declared a national animal in 1973. Before this, Lion was our national animal.

The National Anthem: Jana Gana Mana

“Jana Gana Mana”, written by Rabindranath Tagore, is the National anthem of India. In English, It means “Thou Art the Ruler of the Minds of All People.”

The Nation Flag: Triranga

Our national flag is a Rectangular tricolour flag with Safroon at the top, White in the middle, and Green at the Bottom.  In the centre is the Navy blue Ashoka Chakra (wheel) with 24 strokes.

National animal, fruit, bird,ect

The National Bird: Peacock

Peacock was declared as Nationa bird of India in 1963. This colourful bird is native to the Indian subcontinent and is a symbol of the nation’s beauty. We can also find references to the Vivid colours of Indian culture.

The National Flower: Lotus

The Indian lotus or Nelumbo Nucifera Gaertn is the National Flower of India. It is a sacred flower and symbolises spirituality.

The National Reptile: King Cobra

Kind cobra is considered a sacred animal in Hinduism. It is the World’s longest venomous snake, with an average length of 3 to 4m. Lord Shiva is usually portrayed with a cobra looped around his neck.

The National river: Ganga

The river Ganga Or Ganges has a lot of significance. It is the lifeline to 11% of the world’s population as it flows through densely populated regions of India and Bangladesh. Hindus consider Ganga as the most sacred river. Many former provinces capitals have been located on its banks.

The National Heritage animals: Elephant

The Indian elephant is the Heritage animal of India since 2010. It is a subspecies of the Asian elephant and is native to mainland Asia.

The National Currency: Rupee

The official currency of India is the rupee, represented by the Symbol ₹. The issuance of the currency is controlled by RBI (Reserve Bank of India)

The National Fruit: Mango

mango flashcard national fruit of india

Mango is referred to as King of Fruits and originated in India. It is a sweet fruit that is loved by all and is exported to many countries worldwide.

The National Song: Vandae Matharam

Vande matharam is a Sanskrit poem written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee and was sung by Rabindranath Tagore for the first time in 1896. Later it was adopted as the National song by the Indian constituent assembly in 1950.

It would be excellent to learn all these facts with flashcards. A few other symbols that are in the cards are the national emblem, Song and motto.

How to make Flashcards?

The printable has 4 printable pages with 14 Flashcards of symbols and also a cover page (if you are making a flipbook)

You can print it on cardstock, cut them, and start learning. But if you need it for a classroom setup or planning to use it several times, I recommend laminating them.

Here is a blog that with guide you on how to laminate flashcards.

How to teach the National Symbols of India?

Learning new things through flashcards is fun. Take a card and read aloud the text in red and see if they can say the answer. If not, reveal the image and discuss few facts that will help them remember the National symbols.

Indian national symbols

Here are a few more ways to make different learning material for your child with our printable.

  1. Print 2 sets of the printable and Make 3 part Cards
  2. Make a Flipbook using the binder ring.
  3. Print 2 sets and make matching games for Toddlers.

Can you think of any other way to use these cards? Let me know in the comments section.

How to download this free printable?

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national symbols of india flashcards for kids

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