7 National Symbols of India Crafts for Kids

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India has a vibrant culture, diverse traditions, and captivating history. Creating these National Symbols of India Crafts will foster kids’ sense of belonging and pride in their country’s identity.

From the vibrant peacock to the majestic elephant, we present seven adorable crafts perfect for celebrating Independence Day, Republic Day, or any time of the year!

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National symbols of India Crafts (2)

7 National Symbols of India Crafts for Kids

Each of these craft is unique, employing different materials and crafting techniques to make the learning experience enjoyable and memorable.

These crafts also come with free printable templates, making them easily accessible for crafting fun.

  1. National Animal – The Tiger: Paper Plate Tiger Craft
  2. National Heritage Animal – Elephant: Dusshera Elephant Paper Craft
  3. National Flower – Lotus: 3D Lotus Craft 
  4. National Fruits- Mango: Zig Zag Paper Mango Craft
  5. National Bird – Peacock: Handprint Peacock Craft
  6. National Vegetable – Pumpkin: Torn Paper Pumpkin Craft
  7. National Flag – Tiranga: Accordion Fold Paper India Flag Craft

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National Symbols of India Cut and Paste Craft

For those seeking a simple yet effective craft suitable for classrooms or homes, we have a National Symbols of India Craft.

Just print the pages, and kids can embark on an engaging cut-and-paste activity.

Reading the text and placing the symbols in their designated spots not only reinforces knowledge but also provides a proud display of their learning.

Get the printable for this activity here

It’s not only a fantastic learning opportunity but also aids in the development of fine motor skills.

Let the crafting begin, and let the colours of India come alive in the hands of our creative little ones!

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