Make a Rainbow with Printable Cut-outs

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Let’s Build a Rainbow today with these Free printable cut-outs. You can make it effortlessly and kids will love this activity!

Little minds are always keen to build, dismantle and rebuild new things every day. So why not offer them this Rainbow activity today?

rainbow printable

This Rainbow will be an excellent activity for preschoolers to develop a few basic skills.

  • To make this rainbow, Kids need to stack the colours from the biggest to the smallest. This means they are learning about size, which is the most Basic Mathematical concept.
  • They look at individual pieces and figure out how they’ll fit into the big picture. Thus, developing their visual-spatial reasoning¬†skills.
  • They learn the Colours of the Rainbow.
  • Other benefits include Fine motor skills development and finger grasp.

pieces of rainbow printable

The rainbow made with our printable will be approximately 15 cm high and can stand on its own. Surely, It would also be a wonderful Busy bag Activity.

So let’s learn how to make the rainbow with the printable in a few easy steps.

Things needed to make the Rainbow:

Things needed to make rainbow printable, Laminator, laminating pouch, Velcro, scissors

  1. Our Rainbow printable (Download for free at the end of the post)
  2. Laminator
  3. Lamination pouch (125 microns or 5 mils preferred)
  4. Scissor
  5. Self Adhesive velcro dots or Adhesive magnetic tape.

How to Make a Rainbow with the Printable Cut-outs:

Please watch a 2-minute video of how I made the Rainbow. 

All you need to do is Print, Cut, laminate and add velcros or magnets. As I said earlier, it is so easy to make. Read on to learn some tips and tricks. Or else Jump to the end of the post to download the printable.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Make the Rainbow

Download the Rainbow cutout printable by signing up at the end of the post.

Print the Rainbow Cutout Printable

Begin by Printing the Two pages. For a Vibrant Rainbow,  Please use high-quality printing settings.

Cut the Pieces

Cut all the pieces out along the edges. There will be 7 pieces in total.

Laminate the Rainbow pieces

Place them inside a laminating pouch and laminate. I recommend using 125 microns or 5mil laminating pouches. This is because if you are using velcros for this activity, the pieces need to be very thick.

Cut again

Again cut out all the pieces leaving a small offset around.

Affix the pieces together

Now the 7 pieces are ready. How do we affix them so that the Rainbow can stand on its own? Well, there are two ways.

Option 1: Self-adhesive Velcros

A 10 mm or 15 mm Self-adhesive velcro dot will be perfect for this activity. Stick the Hook part on one side and the loop part on the other piece.

Option 2: Adhesive magnetic tape

For this activity, 10 mm or 15 mm wide Magnetic tape will suffice. Cut them into tiny pieces of 10mm x 10mm (approx) and attach them to the Rainbow pieces on the required spots.

Rainbow pieces

Whichever option you choose, Make sure that all the dots or tapes are in the right spots so that affix perfectly with the adjacent pieces.

Which one works best?

My answer is Magnetic tape.

I generally use velcros for all my busy book /bag activities, But for this one, I understood something light with less clutch would be better for the child to assemble and disassemble. Therefore, I removed the velcros and settled with magnetic tape. It was wonderful!

With all the layers, the Rainbow is less than 2 cm thick. But good enough to stand stable.

Rainbow printable craft

So ready to make this for your child today? Download now and enjoy!

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Download the Rainbow Printable

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