Letter S activities

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My little one will be 3 years old in a couple of months and we thought introducing the “letter of the week” curriculum would be a great idea to learn Alphabets and have fun. In this series, I will be sharing the alphabet activities we do at home every week.

So if you are doing Letter of the week at home with your 3-year-old, follow us along.

We started with the letter S

Letter s activities, crafts and printable

Letter S activities

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If you have followed me for a while, you would have seen a lot of cardboard DIYs on my Instagram because we love cardboard activities. And yes!  We made an S too out of cardboard. This is a very easy-to-setup activity that just takes 10 minutes.

Here is how I made it:  I started by drawing a big S on cardboard (Approx 30cm long) and cut it out using a cutter.

Then, I drew random lines with two colors on the S.  The kid has to differentiate the lines and add matching clips on the complete ones. These clips are IKEA food packet clips. Here, I kept the S as thin as possible so that she could lock the clips easily.

This Hands-on activity helps to develop their visual discrimination skills and strengthens their finger muscles. And they will never forget the form of S.

S is for Snake.  No “S activity week” is complete without doing a Snake that resembles an S and we too made one with craft foam sheets.  I had cut the S with foam and added a paper tongue. Then, my little one decorated it with colorful dot stickers and added googly eyes.

I preferred foam over paper because the foam will last longer. My kid loves to hold this snake and say “hiss”

These are Cardboard playdough mini mats with things that have beginning sound S. I actually made these mats from the leftover pieces from the S cardboard activity.

The activity goal is to create different forms with the playdough and fill the missing elements in the pictures. But She didn’t show much interest. We just learn the things that have the beginning sound S and it served as a flashcard.  But I believe many kids will love these odd-shaped mats and this activity.

Snails crafts are always fantastic ideas for kids craft time and this time we made with a Food carton box and my little one painted it with a brush and fork.

We also did some number practice with words that begin with S. This is a free printable and has 6 cards. Get yours here: Letter S count & clip cards.

We practiced the letter S sound and did some S tracing practice and S worksheets.

My lo is too young for tracing or writing but she loves doing the 2 task boxes at the bottom. If you like to have these tracing sheets, You can get it from the links below.Alphabet tracing sheet

If you like these letter S activities, Pin this image for later.

letter s activities

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