Italy Activities for kids

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Here are over 20 ideas perfectly suited for your Italy unit, covering everything from food to landmarks and the flag. These Italy-Themed Activities for kids will help them learn more about the Country.

We visited Italy recently and these crafts and printables made the perfect post-trip activities. You’ll find many Italy printables available for free download at the respective blogs.

We also have similar extensive resources for the India unit as well. Check out our India activities for kids!

Italy Activities for kids

Italy Flag Craft

Engage kids with a simple cut-and-paste craft to create the flag, which they can make with a popsicle stick and our Free Printable Italy Flag.

Italy Flag cut and Paste Craft


Italy Map Craft with Pasta

Italy’s popularity for different kinds of pasta inspired us to create a map using three varieties we had at home. The map, featuring the names of surrounding seas, is available for free download at the end of the post.

Also, There are various creative ways to use this map, such as filling it with torn papers, flowers, or leaves.

Pasta Matching Activity

I have created a printable featuring 10 popular pastas, integrated into a fun pasta magnifying glass matching activity. Learn more about this activity and download the free printable.

Pasta magnifying glass matching Cards

Don’t forget to check out other Magnifying glass-matching Activities as well!

Leaning Tower of Pisa Craft

One of Italy’s iconic landmarks is the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which we recreated using a toilet paper roll. It’s common to see people posing to hold the tilted tower, so we added a cute drawing representing that, making the craft more interesting for kids.

Cinque Terre Craft

Cinque Terre is the name of 5 picturesque villages which is a UNESCO site. It is located on the west coast of Italy. Capture the beauty of Cinque Terre, with a craft made using potato stamps and paint.

Once the paint dries, add details like windows, doors, and roofs with a pen or pencil.

Cinque Terre Craft

Colosseum Craft

Whether you recreate the present-day Colosseum or the complete ancient structure, it’s a great way to learn about this ancient megastructure built in 200 AD. Follow the instructions to make a circular Colosseum and paste it over a base, adding details like horizontal bands and arches.

Colosseum craft

Pizza Craft

No Italy unit study is complete without making pizza! Here’s a DIY cardboard pizza I crafted for pretend play. The base is made of yellow-painted cardboard, with toppings cut from thick cardstock paper. The details are added using a Sharpie marker.

Cardboard Pizza Craft

Sicilian Cannoli

Indulge in the sweetness of Italy with an easy-to-make Sicilian cannoli craft. You just need a circular Brown craft Paper and some cotton to make this Food! Another Easy-peasy pretend play toy for kid’s Kitchen!

sicilian canoli Craft

Potato stamp Gelato Craft

Gelato the creamier version of Ice cream is one of the most popular Sweet treats of Italy. We have earlier made a few ice cream crafts – Which can also be called Gelato Crafts!

Use potato stamps for painting scoops of Gelatoes over a Brown paper cone! Splash a little sprinkles and the Gelato is ready! –  perfect for summer and your Italy unit.

Potato Stamp Ice cream craft

You might also like the ice cream craft made with a Free template.

Paper icecream cone Craft

Math Fun with Gelato

We have 6 math worksheets featuring ice creams best suited for gelatos as well – these are great for Kindergarten or first grade and consist of worksheets for simple addition, odd and even numbers, counting and more!

Ice cream counting worksheet. cut and paste

Gondola Craft

Craft your own paper gondola, the distinctive boat that gracefully navigates the canals of Venice. The Gondola Craft is created in such a way that it can stand on its own!

Gondola Craft

Do you need a free template to create this craft? Drop a comment below, and I’ll provide a drawing along with step-by-step instructions for you to follow.

The Appian Way Art with Potato Stamping

The Appian Way is an important historical route in Italy, originating from the 2nd century and still in use today! Constructed with massive basalt paving blocks, It links Rome to Brindisi in southeast Italy,

To recreate this iconic roadway, we utilized potato stamps in three different sizes. The objective was to prevent overlapping while efficiently covering the path with paving blocks, making it an enjoyable challenge for my daughter!

Venetian Mask Craft

Venice is famous for its carnivals and elegant masks. Create your Venetian mask using our free template and the technique of symmetry painting, topped with feathers for a grand finish.

DIY Paper Party Mask

Italy Learning Booklet

Country study booklets provide an excellent resource for children to engage in an exploration of a specific country.

Within each page, they discover informative snippets alongside engaging tasks, fostering an interactive learning experience.

Italy country study booklet printable

Through constructing their booklet, children delve into the wonders of Italy- Kids learn about popular food,  monuments, and other fun facts about the country.

Italy Books for Kids

There are a lot of amazing books about Italy. So I have written a separate blog featuring 20+ Books including books set in Rome, Venice, and Florence, Books about Famous persons, books about food etc.

Check out 20+ Italy books for Kids


Movies set in Italy for kids

Watch these movies, which are set in Italy to see the places

  • Luca – set in Cinque Terre
  • Roman Holiday – set in Rome
  • Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar

Italy Educational Resources from Twinkl

Twingle has many good resources to add to your Italy unit – from PowerPoint presentations to Display posters, they are great. check out the links below.

These are not Free resources, But part of Twinlkl Premium Subscription. Consider subscribing for a couple of months; it’s truly worth it. We often subscribe for a short period and make the most of it during that time.

Italy Video for kids

Learn Fun facts about the country with a Video.


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Italy Activities for kids

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