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Printable Learning Binder to Learn the Major Internal Organs of the Human Body

Have you ever wondered how to teach What’s inside our body to your little one? How to Explain things that cannot be seen?

Well, Here is something; this Internal Organs Learning binder is basically all you need to get started.

This Busy book centres around 7 major & Vital Internal organs of the human body and has fun activities to learn all about these organs.

Internal organ learning binder contents

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Why I created this Anatomy Busy book?

Over the past few months, My child has become very interested in what’s inside her body.  Particularly the Abdomen.

She wanted to know where food goes and why we need to eat every day. So, a few months back, I made an interactive Digestive system maze to show What happens to food.

Still, questions keep popping like where does the blood come from? Is Urine made of water? Why heart makes the Lap-tup sound, Etc.

So I created this Resource to show the Major internal organs, their Function, and each Organ’s exact location. The illustrations are Realistic at the same time, very appealing to kids.

Here is a quick video showing the entire contents of the Internal organs learning binder or Busy book.

This book is full of excellent hands-on learning activities! The appropriate age to use this book is, Well, there are no numbers, but whenever the child is ready!

Do you think your child might show interest? Great! Please head over to my ETSY SHOP to get the Printable.

To make this learning binder, you need approximately 1.5 hours. But, How do you make one?  Please watch this Video Tutorial from Our Youtube channel.

Content of the Internal organ Learning binder

What’s included? 15 printable pages to Make the following interactive Activities.

  • Match the organs to the correct position
  • Label the organs
  • Draw the organs, Write the Names
  • Internal organ Riddles
  • Count the organs
  • Healthy vs Unhealthy food sorting

And that’s not all!  It also includes 7 Fact cards with crisp information about each organ.  7 flashcards that you can match with the location cards.

Printable learning binder pack of internal organs

Mix match the contents, and have fun matching, sorting, writing and learning!

Final thoughts on Internal Organs Learning Binder

This interactive learning binder will help Kids effortlessly learn What’s inside their bodies and how they work.

Within a few practices, They can say what we need to eat to keep our body healthy, the functions of each organ and where exactly they are located.

The 7 major Organs in the book are – Brain, Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Liver, kidney and Intestine.

This could be your child’s First Anatomy book and an excellent must-have resource for the Human Body Unit study.

So get them right now from our Etsy shop!

Additional Resources

A few book recommendations for kids to learn in detail about internal organs:

DK Human body encyclopedia – We love this one, and I highly recommend it! A Thick book packed with a ton of information.

The illustrations of the Internal organs are super-realistic, and the facts are explained in such a way that both Adults and kids will enjoy reading. (Have a glimpse of the inside pages in the last part of the video) 

book recommendation Dk human body encyclopedia and fact cards

Although the recommended age group for this book is 6+, I would say younger kids will also love it. 

You can also check out this lift the flap book, Urbourne’s Look inside your body.

If you have a family or friend who would love this Binder, please send them over to this post.

Also, let me know what you think of this Learning binder in the comment section. Thank you!

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