How to make shoe quiet book page

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Learning to put on shoes is one of the skills the child needs to master at an early age. This Shoe quiet book page encourages the kid to explore common closures in shoes like zipping, velcro buckling and tying laces.

Simply, download my FREE template at the end of the post and create your own Shoe quiet book page for your little one.

shoe quiet book page

Materials needed to make Shoe quiet book page

Instructions to make the Shoe Quiet book page


  • Begin by printing the template and fetching the materials. First and foremost, choose the colours of every figure on the page and get the required number of sheets in their respective colours.
  • Next, cut the felt using the template. I have written detailed instructions on how to cut felt on the main page. You can check it out here
  • Once all the pieces are ready, assemble them on the base page. Unfortunately, I did not take many photos while creating this page. But I will give you my detailed instructions.
  • The first page of the cutting template is the zipper boot shoe. After cutting out the template, make a slit in the centre to insert the zip. Then, install the zip with hot glue. Cut the extra zip length after installing it. Next, glue the pieces regarding the assembly reference image on the template. Please note that my Shoes are a little bit different from the template. I have given the bottom heel separately in the template and chose to draw with a marker.


  • The other shoe has lace and velcro fasteners. Cut as per the template and punch the holes in marked positions with hole punch pliers. Install Eyelets using eyelet hot pliers. Now install velcro fasteners below part D. Subsequently,  glue everything in place per the Assembly reference.

SHOE TYING quiet book page

Your Shoe quiet book is ready!

This is part of our Number quiet book I made when my daughter was 1.5 years old.  Check it out as well!

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And finally, pin this image for later.



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