Hermit Crab Bookish Play

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Last week, We did a play-based activity around Eric Carle’s classic book “A House for Hermit Crab”. Book-inspired plays are always a success at how home. We thoroughly enjoy creating props and narrating stories using them.

So here is our Hermit Crab Bookish Play!

A house for hermit crab bookish play

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Eric Carle’s “A House for Hermit’s crab” Bookish play

Eric Carle is one of our favourite authors. We love his simple illustrations and the ease of reading his stories. Our favourite books are Brown Bear, what do you see, and of course The Hungry Caterpillar. We liked “A House for Hermit’s crab” too! 

a house for hermit crab book

This is a story of a Hermit crab who has outgrown its shell and needs to find a new one. He finds a Big plain shell but thinks it is not very interesting.

So the crab goes on to the Ocean floor, finding friends who help him decorate and protect his house.

The story takes place over a year, and by the end, the Hermit crab again outgrows his house. So what did he do then? 

In the book, Kids also learn the Names of Months and a few creatures of the Ocean Habitat. The book has a message for kids to treat everyone with Kindness and Respect! 

Hermit crab bookish play

The idea of designing props for the bookish Hermit crab play struck me unexpectedly when I observed my toddler’s painting. She was engaged in her usual practice of blending and splattering colours onto a vast sheet.

In my personal view, it was exceedingly beautiful. Hence, I wanted to transform it into something valuable.

I remembered a recent article that I read about how Eric Carle creates his artwork.

Carle’s distinctive collage illustrations are created by hand-painting papers in various colours and textures, which are then cut and arranged to form the final image. Carle’s process involves experimenting with different colour combinations, textures, and shapes to bring his ideas to life.

And that inspired me to create these story props. I employed the same technique of cutting the artwork into characters.

Here’s a summary of the process I followed to create the story props.

Firstly, I sketched an initial outline of all the creatures using a pencil and then cut them out with scissors. As the majority of the painting was green, most of the creatures, including the crab, were coloured green.

I added the final touches to the shell and used oil pastels to create the eyes and other features. The end result was simply perfect!

I didn’t take any pictures or videos while creating the props, but we immediately started reading the book and recreating the scene using them.

So do you recognise the scene here?

Scene from a house for Hermit crab

The Crab has found some friends to decorate his house (Starfish, Sea anemones and corals).  Later, He met the snail and was amazed to see the snail sliding and cleaning the path.

The Hermit Crab asks the snail if he could stay along with them and clean the shell. The snail agrees and hops in. Thus goes the story…

Can you imagine how amazing it would be for the child to hear stories this way?

If you haven’t done Book-Inspired plays before, Pick your favourite book with simple illustrations and try them.

If you found this post inspiring, do let me know in the comment section and share it with your friends.

painting turned into hermit crab bookish props

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