Halloween Beginning Sound Clip Cards

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Our free Halloween Beginning Sound Clip Cards are perfect for kids practising Letter sounds. It is super-easy to prepare, and kids develop fine motor skills as they clip and unclip the clothespins! 

Halloween Beginning sounds clip cards

This post contains affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

What is a Beginning sound clip card? 

The beginning sounds clip cards make learning the Alphabet a Hands-on experience. Each clip card has a picture that starts with one of 3 Letters, and kids see the image, identify which letter that word begins and Clip it. This is very similar to Colours and Numbers clip cards for Toddlers. 

Alphabet sound clip cards

Advantages of Beginning Sound Clip Cards

  • Helps to Practice Letter identification
  • Encourages to Practice Letter sounds
  • Develops fine motor skills

How to prepare the clip cards 

It takes no more than 5 mins to prepare this activity. Just Download the Free Beginning sound clip cards and Print them on the thick sheet-like cardstock. Cut them out using a paper trimmer. (This makes the job extremely easy. In just seven cuts, the cards are ready) 

Paper trimmer cuts the Clipcards

You can do the same with scissors, but I highly recommend getting a Paper trimmer if you are a homeschooling mom as it saves a lot of our time. 

Lamination is not required, but if you are using it in a classroom environment, you can. Check out how I Laminate cards

How to use clip cards: 

  • Present these cards to your child along with the Clothespin
  • Tell them to pick a card and name the picture. 
  •  Ask them, “What sound does the word make first?” This challenges them to identify which sound it begins with and which letter makes that sound.
  • Clip the peg onto the letter.

Kids can work independently for the rest of the cards (If they understood the concept well)

How to store these clip cards: 

The most Budget-Friendly and Eco-friendly way to store these cards is by using letter envelopes. I love keeping Flashcards, Fact cards, clip cards and other similar activities in small B6 size envelopes. I also have created label in the printable, which you can add to the Cover. This helps you to to organize them and you can find the Activity Quickly when needed.  

Store Clip cards in envelop

Download the Halloween Beginning Sound Clip Cards

To receive these cards as a free printable, Enter your details to receive the printable in your Mail.

Please note that the Printable is for personal or classroom use only. If you have a family or friend who would like this, please send them over to this post to download their copy.

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Halloween alphabet beginning sound clipcards

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