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Welcome to Little Ladoo’s Free Printables Library! I am delighted to share these resources with you.

This is a growing collection of freebies for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

Please remember all these are only for personal/classroom use, and you may not share the files with others. Instead, please direct them to my website. Thank you!

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Writing Practice Worksheets
Children at any proficiency level can master effective writing with the appropriate practice and guidance. That is why I have
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Earth Day Quiz for kids
Earth Day Quiz for kids
It's Earth Day, so get ready to test the children's knowledge about our amazing planet with this super cool Earth
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Pasta Magnifying Glass Matching Cards
Pasta magnifying glass matching Cards
Attention all pasta Lovers! Do you think your child knows the Names of all the pasta types, or perhaps they
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Flower Math Worksheets
Flower Math worksheets
Spring has sprung, embrace the season of growth and renewal with a fun math Printable - Spring Flower Math Worksheets!
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Flower Symmetry Drawing Prompts
Flower Symmetry Drawing prompts
Exploring symmetry can be an exciting Activity for kids, especially when combined with the beauty of flowers! Our Flower Symmetry
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Flowers Magnifying Glass Matching Cards
Spring is in full bloom, Celebrate Spring with an interesting matching game - the Spring Flower Magnifying Glass Matching Cards.
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The Story of Holi for kids
Ever wondered about the origins and mythological significance of Holi, the Festival of Colours? We have got the Story of
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Free Printable Holi Worksheets
Free printable Holi Worksheets
Get ready for Holi with these 7 engaging Free Printable Holi Worksheets for your kids! As the festive season approaches,
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