Fork-Painted Sun Craft

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This Fork-painted Sun craft is one of the easiest crafts we have made. You just need a fork, Yellow paint and paper to have fun creating Bright sun!

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Fork painted sun craft


Things you will need to make this Fork-Painted Sun Craft

Direction to make the Fork-Painted Sunflower Craft

You have the option to create a Sun craft using either blue or white paper. We experimented with both colours, but we will be showing the Step by step process using white paper.

To begin, cut a circle with a diameter of approximately 5 to 6 cm and paste it at the centre of the paper.

Next, it’s time to start the fork painting. Dip the fork in yellow paint and press it onto the paper around the yellow circle.

Yellow fork painting

Fork painted sun craft

Once you’ve completed one layer, expand the circumference by painting another layer. You can create 2 to 3 layers to make a large, fork-painted sun craft.

Sun fork painting

Allow it to dry. Here is another Sun craft we created in a similar fashion on blue paper.

Fork painted sun craft

Although we initially thought that white paper would be the better choice, the blue paper resulted in a more vibrant sun after drying.

We recommend trying this fork-painted craft on blue paper.

Fork painted sun craft

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Similar Fork Painting ideas for kids

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The results of fork painting are often surprising and unpredictable, which can be exciting and enjoyable for kids.

Fork painting also allows kids to express their creativity and experiment with colour mixing, all while developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

If you’re eager to do this enjoyable craft later,  you can pin the image for future reference and return it at your convenience.

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How to make a Sun craft with fork painting


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