Firework Templates {Free Printable}

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These Free Printable  Firework Templates are Perfect for Creating Various Kids’ Art and Craft Projects for Holidays like Diwali, the 4th of July, or even New Year’s!

We have 6 unique Firework Templates for kids, along with a variety of creative ways to use each one.

For more firework display craft ideas, check out our Fireworks Art and Crafts for Kids.

Firework Templates free printable


Firework Template for Colouring

Kids can use vibrant and contrasting colours to fill in this firework colouring page. Enhance the artwork with glitter, sequins, and 3D puffy paint for a spectacular 3D firework effect.

Firework Templates for colouring free printable


Firework Template for salt Painting

Have you tried salt painting? Fireworks look stunning when created using this technique.

While you can make this without a template, our free template ensures the most eye-catching results.

The template features two designs: one with three small fireworks and one with two large fireworks, both in light grey.

Salt painting Firework Templates free printable

Here is one firework salt painting that we tried without a Template. I will soon make a New post and show you how to use the template but for now, I have written a brief instruction below the image.

Salt Painted Firework Craft for kids

How to do salt painting:

  • Download and print the template on white or blue paper.
  • Apply white glue over the firework patterns.
  • Before the glue dries, sprinkle salt over it to cover the entire design.
  • Shake off excess salt and let it dry.
  • Once dry, apply different watercolours over the salt. In a few minutes, your colourful fireworks will be ready for display!

Rocket Template

We have two different rocket templates for arts and crafts projects, which can also be used as colouring pages. Some craft ideas include torn paper crafts and using natural materials like leaves.

Rockets Firework Templates free printable

Check out our Torn paper rocket project for step-by-step instructions.

Skyline Template for Firework Craft

This city skyline craft template is perfect for creating a firework display over a cityscape. It’s truly beautiful.

The template includes two pages with four different skyline designs. Print them on coloured paper and cut them out. If using a black background, the buildings can be brown or white for contrast.

Skyline template for fireworks craft

For instance, we used this template for our straw-painted fireworks craft, and the result was amazing!

If you need any other fireworks templates, let me know! I’d love to add more printables to this collection.

Feel free to check out all our firework craft ideas. If you have other ideas or create something interesting with your students or kids using these templates, please share them with us on our social media. Thank you!

Firework crafts for kids

You can pin this image to come back later and download all the templates at the end of the post.

Firework Templates free printable


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History of Fireworks

Today, fireworks are used worldwide for many celebrations, including New Year’s Eve, national holidays, festivals, and special events. But do you know the History of Fireworks? It would be great to learn about its origin while making Fireworks crafts!

Check out the video below to see how it was invented in China, later spread to Europe in the medieval age and then to the Americas!

Download the Firework Templates

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Firework Templates free printable

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