Father’s Day Books for Little Kids

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Celebrate Father’s Day with These Heartwarming Picture Books for Little Kids!

These picture books capture the love, humour, and joy that fathers bring to their children’s lives. If you are looking for a special gift to give on Father’s Day, these books are perfect for fathers and children to read and bond over.

Here’s a selection of 25 delightful reads that are sure to bring a smile to both dads and little ones.

Father's day books for kids

These selections of Father’s Day books for kids are not only our favourites but also have great reviews on Amazon (a minimum of 4+ stars) and good ratings on Goodreads!

So let’s Dive in!

Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry

This New York Times Bestseller tells the story of a dad styling his daughter’s hair for a special occasion, celebrating self-confidence and the unique bond between fathers and daughters.

Hair Love

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Made for Me by Zack Bush

A tender story about a father’s love for his child from the moment of birth, perfect for new dads and celebrating the special moments they share.

Made for Me

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How to Surprise a Dad by Jean Reagan

This charming book is full of tips for kids on how to surprise their dads, making it a fun and interactive read for Father’s Day.

How to Surprise a Dad: A Book for Dads and Kids

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Hero Dad by Melinda Hardin

A touching story about dads who are real-life superheroes, especially those serving in the military. It’s an accessible way to discuss a difficult subject with young children.

Hero Dad

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Ramona and Her Father by Beverly Cleary

This Book portrays Ramona’s efforts to help her family when her father loses his job. With humour and warmth, it’s a timeless story about resilience and family love.

Ramona and Her Father

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The Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Dad! by Stan and Jan Berenstain

The Berenstain cubs plan a special Father’s Day for Papa Bear, celebrating his goofy, lovable nature in this full-colour storybook that’s perfect for young readers.

The Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Dad!

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You Made Me a Dad by Laurenne Sala

A touching celebration of fatherhood, this book beautifully illustrates the joys and fears of being a dad. The tender watercolour illustrations complement the heartfelt text.

You Made Me a Dad

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Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Mayer

Little Critter and his dad embark on a great outdoor adventure, sharing fun and mishaps in this sweet and humorous tale that makes for a perfect Father’s Day read.

Just Me and My Dad (Little Critter)

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My Dad Used to Be So Cool by Keith Negley

A new dad reminisces about his wild past while realizing that his young son sees him as the coolest guy in the world. A playful and emotional story with vibrant illustrations.

My Dad Used To Be So Cool

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Dad By My Side by Soosh

This beautifully illustrated book celebrates the special bond between a father and daughter. The warm, whimsical illustrations capture the magic of everyday moments shared with Dad.

Dad By My Side

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My Dad Is Amazing! (A Hello!Lucky Book) by Sabrina Moyle

A joyful tribute to all the things that make dads amazing, filled with bright, adorable illustrations that young children will love. A delightful ode to fatherhood from the creators of Hello!Lucky.

My Dad Is Amazing! (A Hello!Lucky Book)

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Our Subway Baby by Peter Mercurio

Based on a true story, this poignant book tells how a baby found his family in a New York City subway station. It’s a moving tale of love and unexpected parenthood.

Our Subway Baby

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Our Shed: A Father-Daughter Building Story by Robert Broder

A nostalgic story of a father teaching his daughter to build a shed, celebrating DIY families and the creativity that kids bring to projects. A heartwarming read about family collaboration.

Our Shed: A Father-Daughter Building Story (Celebrate Father's Day with this Special Picture Book about a Dad's Love)

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My Papi Has a Motorcycle by Isabel Quintero

Daisy Ramona rides through her vibrant neighbourhood with her papa on his motorcycle, capturing the essence of their bond and the changing community. A visually stunning and heartfelt story.

My Papi Has a Motorcycle

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No Pants! by Jacob Grant

A laugh-out-loud story about a father and son’s morning routine, where Pablo insists on a “no pants” day. This warm-hearted tale shows the flexibility and love in their relationship.

No Pants!

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I Love You, Daddy: A Tale of Encouragement and Parental Love by Jillian Harker

Little Bear embarks on adventures with the help of Daddy Bear in this story of encouragement and unconditional love, perfect for sharing at bedtime.

I Love You, Daddy: A Tale of Encouragement and Parental Love between a Father and his Child, Picture Book

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Brick by Brick by Heidi Woodward Sheffield

This award-winning book celebrates the bond between a boy and his bricklayer dad, showing how they both work hard to build their dreams. A story of love and hard work.

Brick by Brick

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Llama Llama Daddy’s Day by Anna Dewdney

Join Llama Llama as he helps Nelly Gnu create a perfect Father’s Day gift for Daddy Gnu in this charming story from the beloved Llama Llama series.

Llama Llama Daddy's Day

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The Night Before Father’s Day by Natasha Wing

This fun twist on the classic “Night Before Christmas” tale follows a family’s preparations to surprise Dad with a clean garage and sparkling car for Father’s Day.

The Night Before Father's Day

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Why a Son Needs a Dad by Gregory Lang

A heartfelt book that celebrates the special bond between fathers and sons, filled with charming illustrations and touching rhymes about the moments they share.

Why a Son Needs a Dad: Celebrate Your Father and Son Bond this Father's Day with this Heartwarming Gift! (Always in My Heart)

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Why a Daughter Needs a Dad by Gregory Lang

A beautiful story showcasing all the ways fathers help their daughters grow, emphasizing the importance of their loving and supportive relationship.

Why a Daughter Needs a Dad: Celebrate Your Father Daughter Bond this Father's Day with this Special Picture Book! (Always in My Heart)

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Because I’m Your Dad by Ahmet Zappa

A playful and loving book where a father expresses his hopes for a fun and unique relationship with his child, illustrated with whimsical

Because I'm Your Dad

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When Dads Don’t Grow Up by Marjorie Blain Parker

This playful book follows dads who are young at heart, celebrating the fun and silly times they share with their children.

When Dads Don't Grow Up

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My Dad Thinks He’s Funny by Katrina Germein

A humorous book about a dad who always has a funny comeback, perfect for kids who appreciate dad jokes and love to laugh with their fathers.

My Dad Thinks He's Funny

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Daddy Is My Hero by Dawn Richards

This sweet picture book celebrates the imaginative ways children see their dads as superheroes, perfect for Father’s Day or any day.

Daddy Is My Hero: Celebrate Dad this Father's Day with this Fun Picture Book!

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These Father’s Day books for Kids are perfect for celebrating the special moments shared between fathers and their children. Whether it’s through laughter, love, or heartfelt stories, these picture books are sure to become cherished reads in your family.

Father's day books for kids

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