Sugarcane ideas for kids

Ready to make sugarcane craft with/for kids? This post has two great ideas to make sugarcane with things you already have at home. 

In Tamilnadu, the Pongal celebration is incomplete without sugarcanes. 

I made these for my toddler around the Pongal festival ( Indian Harvest festival) two years Back. She loved playing with these so much, and We still have a few of these Bamboo Stick sugarcanes in her Play Kitchen. 

Before learning how to make these canes, Here are three facts about sugarcane, that you can teach your child. 

  • Sugarcanes are grasses(Scientifically) that grow up to 6′ tall. 
  • They are found only in tropical countries.
  • Sugarcane stores carbohydrates in various forms of sugar. 
  • 70% of the sugar in the world is produced from sugarcane.

How to Make a Sugarcane craft?

We have a video tutorial that teaches how to make sugarcane for your Little kids to play with. Let’s make the cutest and sweetest sugarcane bundle that fits in your hand! 

The first is the Easy Version that you can make with a Straw. You need to Paint it, add Tapes as White stripes and add the upper leaves. That’s all! 


Watch the video to see how I made them. 

The second one is a bit difficult but looks lovely and also lasts longer. Great for play! 

You need to Wrap a Craft bamboo stick with Black felt and Make rings with white sewing thread. See how I did it in the video.

I hope you find this idea useful. Which one would you try with your child? 

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