Easter Egg Puzzle for Toddlers

Easter Egg 2 piece puzzle for toddlers made with felt [with free printable template]

Puzzles are a powerful tool to enhance the Visual Perception skills of Young kids. When you introduce Puzzles to your toddler,  it is best to start with a simple 2 piece Puzzle like this Easter Egg Puzzle.

DIY felt egg puzzle pieces

This DIY Egg Puzzle Set is made with Felt and foam sheet. As you see in the picture, it has 7 eggs in different colours, and each egg is a combination of two parts.

Felt combined with foam is very rigid will last long. The main advantage is that it is easy for toddlers to grasp the piece.

As these are very small and handy, this can also be a great Busy Bag idea.

In this blog, I will be sharing a Video tutorial, Tips and tricks and a Free Printable Template to make your own Easter Egg Puzzle. 

2 piece egg puzzle made with felt

Things needed to make Felt Egg Puzzle:

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How to make this Easter Egg puzzle

With our template, you can make 14 Puzzle pieces (7 Eggs x 2 pieces). Here is a Concise idea of how I made these with a template.

Easter egg puzzle pieces

  • First, cut out the Template piece from the printables
  • Place it on the felt sheet and cut 2 parts of each template
  • You also need to cut a Foam sheet which needs to be slightly smaller than the felt piece.
  • Place the Foam piece in between the two felt piece and sew around (Use blanket stitch)
  • Repeat the process for the rest of the pieces.

I have explained the entire process in this video. The video is pretty lengthy, but I have covered everything with tips and tricks you need to know. Please watch it till the end.

It has been two years since I made this puzzle, But it is as good as new even after multiple usages.

Felt is a very enduring material, and this is one of the most durable and efficient ways to do a puzzle for a toddler.

How to play:

Arrange them randomly on a plain surface and Encourage your kids to look for the pieces and then match them together to complete the egg.

Toddler playing with puzzle

As I said earlier, this greatly helps to exercise their Visual Discrimination skills. Apart from this, kids also learn colours and develop fine motor skills, focus and concentration.

If you want to make it challenging, You can make it as 3 or 4 piece puzzles. In general, I found this post on How to choose puzzle for kids very helpful.

Easy alternative methods to make Egg puzzle

Even though felt puzzles last long, I should say this DIY is a very time-Consuming process. Therefore I wanted to share a few other ways to do a similar puzzle using our free printable template.

These four materials are so perfect when you do not know sewing, and It will not take you so long.

1-Thick Eva Foam sheet Egg puzzle

It is effortless to work with foam. Simply use the template to cut the pieces out of 3mm Eva Foam.

2-Laminated Egg puzzle

I have included a page with coloured eggs in the printable, which you can print, Cut out the Egg pieces, Laminate them, and Cut again. If you need more clarity, Please watch my Youtube video on 2 ways to make Laminated Cut out pieces. 

3-Thick felt Egg puzzle:

You can use Stiffened thick felt of 2mm or 3mm to do these egg puzzles.

4-Cardboard Egg puzzle:

Mark the Egg template on the cardboard, place it over the cutting mat and cut using a cutter. You can also cut using a scissor if it is thin cardboard.

It is essential to choose something that you are comfortable making. So pick a material accordingly.

Whichever one you choose, Please be very precise while cutting, or else there might be gaps when the child fits the two pieces together.

How to download the free template:

The free printable template includes Black and White outline pages and as well as Coloured templates (To make laminated egg pieces).  Get all these delivered straight to your inbox by signing up here.

I hope this will be a great addition to your kid’s toys. Have fun DIYing:)

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