Toddler activities with dot stickers

Dot sticker activity

All activities should be supervised by an adult. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links.

Here are a few toddler activities using dot stickers. These are very simple ideas and are suitable for toddlers above 20 months. Besides, you can increase the difficulty based on your child’s ability to solve them. Watch my video here or read on to see the activities.

Dot stickers are bright and available in various colors. Furthermore, it is really easy to peel them and stick and so kids will love them. We got 1 cm dot stickers (Affiliate link) for these activities. Dot markers are a wonderful alternative to dot stickers to do all these activities.

Now let’s see the activities. If you like them and would love to try, please pin it for later.

Popsicle stick match

Find the identical pattern and match. Simple visual discrimination activity.


Dot sticker color sequence

Make the kid replicate the caterpillar by coping the color sequence.

colour sequence activity

Connect the dots stickers

Stick a few stickers randomly and then have your child connect the same colored one. This can help kids gain line control.

For older kids, you can write alphabets/ numbers on the stickers and they can match them up.

connect dots

Add leaves

Your child can also make a small bush by adding leaves on the stem. Draw a flower pot with only a stem and hand it over to see the fun.

Few similar examples – Draw a ladybug, a cheetah, cactus, a christmas tree, etc and add dots.

dot sticker plant . toddler activity

Color domino match

The matching blocks are made with cardboard.

dot sticker match for todlers

Counting activity

You need a Tablet sorter case with compartments that can hold marbles. These spring lids can be easily opened by the child.

Add a few stickers on the lid ( 1 to 3). Now the child will count them and fill the case with marbles or beads. My kid loves this one and we use this case to practice days of the week as well.

dot sticker count

These are the few activities we tried recently My lo loves any kind of stickers and these are no exemption. Infact, she never quits until the patch is empty!

You might also like these dot sticker cards which I made into a book. It has a drawing for each alphabet made using dot sticker. You can watch the full video here


So here are 7 different activities for toddlers using dot stickers. Which one would you love to try first? Please let me know in the comment section.

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