DIY Father’s Day card

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Are you searching for a fun and easy way for little kids to make a Handmade card this Father’s Day? Why not try making a unique DIY Father’s Day card using marbles to paint?

This is a great alternative to buying a store-bought card and a fun activity for kids. By experimenting with different colours, you can create various stunning results.

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Marble run Art - Ftaher's day card

To create this beautiful Father’s Day card, we will be using Two fun and creative process art technique

  1. Marble Run Art: a unique form of art that involves creating intricate and colourful patterns by rolling marbles on the paper within a Box or cardboard.
  2. Tape Resist Art: a technique where tape is applied to a surface to create a design, painted over, and then removed to reveal sharp, unpainted lines or shapes against a painted background.

The combination of both techniques results in beautiful and mesmerizing art and makes it a popular activity for both kids and adults.

Things you will need to make this DIY Father’s Day card

I recommend a few alternatives for better results than what I used in the tutorial:

– A cuboid cardboard box (should be bigger than the card)
Washable paint
Washi tape
White cardstock paper

In this tutorial, I used masking tape, but I recommend Washi Tape as it is the best and never peels the paper. Later we started using this for all Tape-resist Projects – check out Snowflake Tape Resist Art

Additionally, for kids, I recommend using washable paint instead of Acrylic Paint.

Watch a Video

Check out this video tutorial to witness the magical art creation process in just a few seconds!

Completing the Marble Run Art for your Father’s Day card is quick and easy and should take no more than a minute.

However, the preparation part requires careful cutting and pasting of masking tapes, which may take roughly 5 to 10 minutes.

Directions to make a Father’s Day card using Marble-Run and Tape Resist Technique

First, write your message on cardstock paper and cover the Letters with Making tape.

making a fathers day card - Write the Message

Next let’s make a cardboard box tray.

Remove one side of the cardboard so that it looks like a tray. You can also use your baking trays if you don’t have big cardboard like this.

Now Secure the Paper on the Cardboard on all sides with the masking tape.

Father's day Card - Place it inside a box

Spatter a generous amount of Acrylic paints randomly all around the paper. Use different colours and There should be enough paint to cover the whole sheet.

Splashing Paint on the Card

Drop 10 to 15 marbles onto the cardboard box and give it to the child.

Drop marbles on the paper

Let them move the cardboard around, watch the marbles roll down, and create beautiful patterns. Let them cover the entire paper with paint. The process should take less than a minute!

Marble run painting Progress

Once the paint covers the entire sheet, it’s time to stop shaking. It’s important to stop at the right time to achieve the desired result. If you shake it for too long, the colours will mix too much and create a brown colour everywhere.

Marble run painting for kids

Next, you’ll need to let it dry for an hour or so. After it’s dry, gently remove the masking tape to reveal the Phrase!

Marble run Painting -father's day card

And there you have it – your very own Marble Run Art Greeting Card with a special “I love you” message for Daddy!

Father's day Craft for kids

Try experimenting with different colours to create unique and beautiful patterns on your marble run art. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different colours to see what works best. Have fun and let your creativity run wild!

More Father’s Day Card Ideas for Kids

We have many more cool ideas for gifting dads, all easy to create with free printable templates. Check these out!

1. All About My Dad Printable: Print the page and let kids draw or write their thoughts by filling in the prompts. An inexpensive and heartwarming Father’s Day gift.

2. Handprint Father’s Day Card: Print the page and capture your child’s handprint to create a cute, personalized gift for dad.

Father's day Cards

3. Handprint Grill Card: No template needed—just your child’s handprint and this fun tutorial to make a DIY grill card.

4. Paper Plate Shirt: A colourful shirt made from a paper plate. Behind the tie is a secret message wishing dad a happy Father’s Day.

Have you tried marble painting with your kids before? If not, now is the perfect time to give it a try. And if you have tried it before, maybe it’s time to do it again and see what new and creative designs you can come up with!

Love this idea? Save the DIY Father’s Day card to come back later!

Marble rin Father's day card craft

The best part is that this tutorial is super easy to make and can be modified for any other occasion. So, don’t hesitate to try it and create a last-minute card that will leave a lasting impression on your dad!

Fun Painting Ideas for Kids

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