DIY Father’s Day card

DIY Greeting Card that is Super-Easy for kids

Show your love with this Unique DIY Father’s Day card instead of giving a store-bought greeting card. This could be the simplest and Stunning Last-minute Card idea to make for your Dad.

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How to Make a Marble run Art Father’s Day card

It will take you no more than a minute to complete the marble run art. However,  that preparation part needs careful cutting and pasting of masking tapes which will take you roughly 5 to 10 minutes.

Here’s how to do it yourself…

 Things needed:

That’s all you need to make this beautiful Art card.

How to Make a Marble Run Painting Father’s day card.

First, write your message on cardstock paper and cover the Letters with Making tapes.

Remove one side of the cardboard such that it looks like a tray. If you don’t have big cardboard like this, you can use any big plate or tray at home.

Now stick the Paper on the Cardboard with masking tape.

Spatter a generous amount of Acrylic paints randomly all around the paper.

Acrylic paint on father's day card

Now drop 10 to 15 marbles on it and give it to the child.

Let them move the cardboard, make the marble run all around, spread the paint, and create beautiful patterns. It will be complete in less than a minute.

Marble painting

You will need to let it dry for an hour or so. Then slowly remove the masking tapes.

So here is our Marble-Run Art Greeting Card with a special ‘I love you’ message for Daddy!

Marble Run Painting card

This 30-second video will show how I made this card.

Did this video inspire you to make a card? Let me know in the comment section.

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DIY Father's day card

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