Diwali printable activities for kids

This Diwali, let the kids have fun with these free printable activities. Diwali is all about cheer and joy, and here are five different activities for kids that are both fun and educational. I have created them with a few things that we associate Diwali with.

Diwali free printable activities for kids

Diwali is just around the corner and this week, we are doing Diwali activities. You can expect a few more freebies, activities and kids craft posts soon. Now Scroll down to see the five activities. 

1.   Firework Colour matching activity

 Diwali rockets have always been fun. They are exciting to launch, and the way they fill the sky with colours is magical. Kids love to watch the sparkles unravel and light the sky. So a colour matching puzzle with rockets and sparkles would be the best!

Kids have to match the rockets with the sparkles of the same colour to finish the game, a fun yet simple game. 

2.   Ladoo Shape matching activity

No Diwali celebration is complete without whole plates of ladoos being made and eaten. Ladoos have been the essence of the festival at our home since my childhood. Hence I wanted to create an activity dedicated to ladoos, and so, in this activity, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Diwali free printable ladoo shape matching

Have fun with your kids as they go about matching the ladoos with their respective shapes, and keep a few mini ladoos for them for every right match they make!

3.       Rangoli colour matching activity

Another aspect of Diwali that is full of colours is rangoli or kolam. We all remember sitting next to the elders in our house as they brought beautifully patterned rangolis to life in front of the house on the eve of Diwali. We loved to colour them, and they were generous enough to add colours along with them. Hence, here is another colour matching based activity with rangoli.

Make the kids find out which colour makes up each kolam and place them beside each respectively. There are two stages to this activity, one which is more complex than the other. This is also an excellent way to show our rich heritage and culture to our little ones.  

4.       Diya counting activity

Diyas light up our houses beautifully in the night sky, and it is a beautiful practice, and hence, another activity based on the same.

Let the kids count the number of diyas on each plate, recognize the numbers and match them together.  

5.       Firecracker letter matching activity

It is not tough to remember letters in the correct order. But our kids need a bit of practice for letter recognition. 

This letter matching activity using crackers will get kids engaged and excited this season, and all they have to do is match them up. 

Diwali free printable letter matching

We also have another version for the lower case to uppercase matching. Watch this video to see these activities in action.

How to turn these Diwali printable into activities for kids

 In the above video, you can see I made the pages into a Velcro matching activity called file folder games or busy book pages. Toddlers will love these activities. If you are new to this activity and want to learn how to make them, watch this video. 

This printable can be used in various ways other than these Velcro matching activities for older kids.

  1.   Cut and paste activity
  2.   Scavenger hunt
  3.   Sensory bin matching
  4.   Memory game

 Just download our printable and have fun with the game of your choice. Click on the text below. 

  1. Firework colour matching
  2. Ladoo shape matching
  3. Rangoli colour match
  4. Diya counting
  5. Firecracker alphabet

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Diwali activities

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